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This page is a great resource for all those documents that members may find helpful while working with their Cricut.  It is a grown list of my resource library downloads

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The Resource Library Downloads Available

Right now there are just a few but this list will grow!  (If you are already a member, click this link and go right to the download list.)

Cover of coloring your Designs
Coloring Your Designs

Coloring your Designs is my e-booklet that teaches how to use the Color Wheel and all you need to know about Color Theory.  Find out more about this amazing e-booklet here here.

Pressure Settings

Ever been making something with a new material and not know what pressure to cut it at?  This document will help by telling you the pressure settings for all the similar materials Cricut normally cuts.  You can see the tutorials and get the document at this post.

Uploading SVGs and Fonts to Design Space

This handy document tells you how to upload an SVG or Fonts you download into Design Space step by step.    Sometimes the details just slip your mind.  Well have this simple checklist right by your computer and follow along to do it perfect every time.  Find out more and never let it slip your mind again!

Never be Without the Right Sized Envelope Again

This handout will help you to decide what size envelope you need and if you want to make the envelope yourself will even tell you how much paper and what size the paper needs to be!

There are lots more handouts and checklists in the works and you can get them all by becoming a member of The Crazy Cricut Lady Family!

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