Rose Squares Birthday Card

This Rose Squares Birthday Card looks very unique.  The concentric frames on the front, built up towards the center will make this card a conversation piece.

I love the rose drawing on this card and it adds dimension to the card.

You will need:
Paper Selection
Patterned paper really won’t work on this card because of all lf the drawings.  And the paper needs to be somewhat heavy (about 100 lb. wt) to stay stiff enough.
Cutting the card

Cut the card base and the cricut will do the writing. Did you know that you can use any pen in your cricut?  See the trick here.  This is a simple card to make but takes a while on the machine to draw all these roses.  

As an added little bonus, the cutout frames leave a nice decorated remnant that I plan to use in a scrapbook page as a frame sometime.

The Design Space file uses a Cricut font but the SVG file uses a font called Curlz.  You can get it for free at


I added a little dimension to this card by first adding foam tape to the frame pieces.  Three layers of foam tape were put on the center and the next layers had one less until the outer frame had none.

I also did a version that started with the raised pieces starting on the outside and moving lower as you went in.  Either looks good.  Or you could just make them all flat.  The card still looks great and it is a lot simpler.

Rose Squares Birthday Card
Rose Squares Birthday Card

This card also used a much thicker pen to draw the roses and the lines filled in well.  You can choose any pen you like.  Try it what ever way you prefer.  And let me know how it turned out.

And your Rose Squares Birthday Card is done.

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