Saint Patrick’s Day Straw Toppers Make Drinking Fun!

These St. Patrick’s Day Straw toppers are fun to use and easy to make. I will show you three different ways to attach them to your paper straws. And I found a use for the straws I got cheap!

Saint Patrick's Day Straw Toppers

I got the straws cheap at Hobby Lobby (about 100 of them) and have been looking for a project to use them on.  They work great!

What you will need
        • Cardstock 
        • Straws
        • glue (They start shipping Art Glitter Glue again on March 15th)
        • Download Files
Paper Selection For the Saint Patrick’s Day Straw Toppers

I used shades of green (duh) for these toppers.  The glitter paper adds some bling too.  So does the gold foiled paper.  Use any paper you want, even patterned paper.


Cutting the Saint Patrick’s Day Straw Toppers

These toppers are easy to cut.  Be careful pulling the thin parts off the mat.  They tear easily.

When using the SVG file, be sure to read and follow the sizing directions in the instruction document or your project will be too big.  This is a glitch in Design Space and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Depending on how you want to attach the toppers to the straws, you can hide the double cut lines on each layer of the toppers or not.  Make sure you get both layers.  There are more instructions below.

You can combine mats if you want.  I really recommend it to save paper.  To see how watch my video.

Play Video
Assembly of the Saint Patrick’s Day Straw Toppers

Separate all the embellishment pieces for each topper so that you can keep them straight.  Each topper is two layers.    Assemble each topper, making sure to keep the slits lined up and/or the top piece perfectly centered and lined up.  Liquid glue on the back of the front piece works best here because of the many cut outs.  Follow the pictures if you have any questions.

Attaching the Straws to the Saint Patrick’s Day Straw Toppers

There are three ways to attach the straws (plastic straws work too). You can use the cut lines, glue the straws or attach loops to the back.  I have pictures of all three below.  Any of them work fine.  The 3 leaf clover doesn’t have the cut lines though.  I didn’t know where to place them. 

If you use the slits, work the straw through the back and front of the slits so that the front of the topper is in front.  This way of attaching them is the most stable and works best.  If you decide NOT to use this method, hide the slits on both layers before you cut the piece out.

You can also glue the straws to the back of the topper.  This way gives the most flexability of the angle to place the topper.  I used liquid glue because both parts were paper.  You need to use a lot and let the glue dry completely.  If you use plastic straws, you may need to use a low temp glue gun, but be careful not to melt the straw.

You can also attach loops like in the third picture above.  Just use a scrap on the paper left over and glue both sides down around the straw.  Make sure not to get glue on the straw.  This method can be the least stable unless the loops are very tight, but allows for removing the topper if necessary.


No matter how you attach the straw, these toppers make drinking the green liquid you make more fun!  And your Saint Patrick’s Day Straw Toppers are done!

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