Santa Slider Easel Card

This Santa Slider Easel  Card is a variation on my Anniversary card that I posted a a while ago.  Two hidden messages which revel themselves, once you pull the tab at the top, add an element of surprise. The message is from my favorite Statler Brothers Christmas song.  And the gold foil adds a touch of class.

Anna Griffin inspired this card with something she did on HSN Craft Day and I knew I could make it for Cricut,  Anyone would be thrilled to get this Christmas card.  And it looks like you worked so hard on it.

What you need:
      • Very heavy cardstock for the base 
      • Scraps of cardstock 
      • liquid glue
      • Pen 
      • Foam tape
      • Download File
Paper Selection 

I used a two sided paper for the base of the Santa easel slider card but you don’t have to.  Keep to the Christmas colors.  Use a gold foil paper for the Santa background to give it a touch of class.  I got mine at Hobby Lobby.  I cut the snowflake from a white vellum. 

Cutting the Card

Be very careful removing the overlay for Santa and the vellum from the mat as they tear easily.Vellum must be sealed completely to the mat or it will tear.  Smooth it down before cutting with your scrapper.

I used one of my own fonts for this card, CMV Zebra.  You can find out more information about my fonts here.

Print and cut everything out.  I put all the little parts on one mat by combining mats. You can write the message in any color.  


Watch my video on cutting different colors on the same mat.

Play Video
Assembling the Santa Slider Easel Card

Once the base card is cut, re-score the folds with a Popsicle stick.    

First, fold the base card  in half at the cut line.   Then put the pull tab through the cut line now at the top of the base card, inside the card, with the larger end at the bottom.  

Next, glue the small section of the flap on the top layer of the base card to the pull tab at the wide end .  Now glue the base card shut. When you do, be sure to leave enough space for the slider to move.  

Finally, glue about 1/4 inch around each edge.  The slider will not pull out of the card because of the width of the cut at the top. 

After gluing the card, work the slider a few times to make sure it is free to move.

Finishing The Santa Slider Easel Card

With liquid glue, be sure to cover the whole outline.  Put the Santa together being sure to line the outline up perfectly.  

Attach the Santa, oval and snowflake embellishments on the easel with foam tape so that it adds some dimension to the card.  Make sure that the embellishments do not go below the fold at the bottom and are not attached anywhere above the middle fold or the easel will not work properly.  

Your Santa Slider Easel Card is done.  Enjoy!

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