Save Postage: Send These Christmas Postcards

These Christmas Postcards say and it all cost less to mail!  Festive and with enough space to write a personal message.  Send your love this holiday.  Postcards only cost 40 cents to mail.

These postcards are easy to make but you need a copy of the basic back for each one you make.  These are perfect for using the Smart Paper with the sticky on the back!.  if you prefer to put them in an envelope they are 4 X 6 and the postage will be the normal rate.

What you will need

Paper Selection for the Christmas Postcards

You can make these cards with regular cardstock but the Smart Cardstock that is sticky works great!  I used traditional Christmas colors to make these postcards.  They don’t have patterns yet in the smart cardstock so if you want to use patterns (or foils like I did) you need regular cardstock.

Cutting the Christmas Postcards

These are easy to cut.  All the red lettering is drawn with a red pen.  Use any color you want but the pen has to be fairly thin to get the detail on the basic postcard.  You can use any pen you want with your Cricut.  See the trick here.

If you are making more than one postcard, you will need a copy of the basic postcard for each card you are making.  Just duplicate it as many times as you need.  Some of the postcards have some intricate cuts so be careful removing them from the mat.

Assembling the Christmas Postcards

This is really simple to assemble!  Follow the pictures to see what order it is layered.   The road on the Silent Night postcard is cut out of the second layer down so be sure to line it up properly.

After assembling the picture side, attach a copy of the basic card to the back.  

Be very careful to spread the glue all over to the edges if you are using regular cardstock.  I mailed a couple of these to close friends and called them to see how they survived the process.  The cards that were made with smart cardstock survived the best and the ones that were glue well did fine.  But the cards where I didn’t spread the glue well and to the edges caught on the post office machines.  Make sure you glue them well.  I tried using the Xyron to apply glue and that worked well too!  If you don’t have one you should consider it.  They are extremely handy!

And your Christmas Postcards are done.  Remember the postage for postcards in only 40 cents.  But the joy of getting them is the same!

Postcard Fun Facts
  • A postcard or post card is a piece of paper or cardboard, which is intended to send a short message by post.
  • Usually, a postcard is mailed without an envelope.
  • Modern postcards usually have a photo or an image on one side of the card, the other side contains space for writing the address and a short message.
  • The first postcards were used in the second half of the 19th century.
  • Today, many people send postcards when they are on holiday.
  • The designs of post cards have evolved since the early ages and many prefer to send personalized post cards now which gives a personal touch or adds a feeling or emotion to it.

-Taken from Postcard Fun Facts For Kids

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