Say Congrats With This Cut Out Easel Card

Use this cut out card to say congrats, you knew they could do it. Use it for graduation, weight loss, reaching a goal or anything great they accomplished!  I love the white drawing on blue effect and use it all the time.  This card was inspired by the whole line of cut out cards by Crafters Companion.

Say Congrats with this cut out card
Say Congrats with This Cut Out Card

It is their special day and they deserve a special card.  This is it!  Say congrats in style.  And it fits into square 6 inch envelope for mailing.  I have problems finding them so I make my own envelope.  You can too by following my envelope tutorial.

You will need:
        • Heavy 2 sided cardstock for the base
        • Various Cardstock scraps
        • Pen
        • Glue
        • Small piece of foam tape
        • Download File
Paper Selection For the Congrats Cut Out Card

I did this cut out card in shades of blue and silver foiled paper but you can use any colors you want.  If you say congrats for graduating using this cut out card, do it in the school colors for a nice touch.

The base card does  have to be double sided and it does have to be fairly heavy (110 lb. wt. at least)  Patterns work well for the light blue, if it was 2 sided.  With this card and I did some of the embellishments in silver foiled paper

Cutting the Congrats Cut Out Card

Cut the card base and the Cricut will do the writing. I used a white gel pen to do the confetti drawings.  White pens are hard to find and you get what you pay for.  I have a comparison of white pens and markers here.

There are a bunch of little parts to the embellishments.  Be careful not to loose the little parts.  I also used the little stars cut from the catch border in the card so be sure to keep those too.  The borders are very thin so be careful removing them from the mat.

Assembling the Congrats Cut Out Card

First start by re-creasing the folds in the base card. The letters are cut out and the big ones fit over the congrats in the cut out.  The other (small) letters are glue to the bottom inside of the card.  Both are glued with liquid glue.  Art Glitter Glue is the only liquid glue I use because it goes on thin with the metal tip and sticks the best.

Glue the fancy star borders to the thin strips and then attach them above and below the cut out letters.  The simple star border is the stop for the easel and is held on with a little foam tape to raise it just a bit.  The drawings of confetti are attached to the top and bottom center sections of the base card.  The inside one creates a nice background for the easel and the cut out letters.  Look at the completely open picture above to see the placement.



And your Congrats Cut Out Card is done!  See wasn’t that easy?  And you can say congrats in style.

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College Graduation Fun Facts
  • The term bachelor in “bachelor’s degree” is from the medieval term baccalaureate, a play on the Latin words “bacca lauri” meaning laurel berries.
  • About 40 million Americans hold $1 trillion in outstanding loan debts. The debt has quadrupled from $250 million in 2004, exceeding automobile and credit card debts.
  • The six-year graduation rate for students of public universities and colleges is 57.6%
  • The percentage of females who graduate in four years is 45%
  • There will probably be around 20.11 million college students in the US in 2029

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