St Louis Scrapbook Page From This Spring

This is a St Louis scrapbook page but it is also a tutorial on how Design Space and Cricut can enhance your scrapbook pages. Since Design space will only cut 11.5 X 11.5 inches it forms a nice border around the whole page

Scrapbook page of my St. Louis Trip
St Louis Trip Scrapbook Page

While at the CKC Convention, my daughter and Ken went to the arch and to the Science Museum.  I shared some of the projects with you already from the convention.  See them here.  

What You Need:

        • Download File
        • 2 sheets of 12 X 12 cardstock
        • tape and liquid glue
        • acid free tape (Painters Tape)
        • various scraps of cardstock
        • pictures
Paper Selection
 One of the 12 X 12 cardstock sheets can be patterned paper but not both.  It is just too confusing.
The embellishments can be cut from any color that goes with your color palette.  I realize that you probably aren’t doing this page so change the embellishments to match your page.
Cutting the Paper

The hole size can be changed if you are more experienced with Design Space.  I have included the cutout shapes as a hidden graphic in the design space file if you want to change them and aren’t sure how, email me and I will send you instructions.

As I said earlier, design space will cut the top page to 11.5 x 11.5 and this makes a border for your page.


Before you glue the top page to the bottom page, attach the pictures where and how you want them to the back of the top sheet with painters tape.

Now you can attach the two pages together with the top page centered on the bottom page.  Glue the embellishments to the top page where you want them.

Your St Louis Scrapbook page is finished.  If you want a two page layout just repeat the cutting process to make a second page.

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