This See Through Snowflake Card Is So Cute

This See Through Snowflake Card is made with some glitter acetate that I found in the clearance aisle.  It creates a really cute effect.  Everyone is making Christmas cards this year because they have the time and this one is fairly easy.

We still can’t see our loved ones the way we want, but hope is on the way with the vaccines.  You will need to make a custom envelope for this card.  Luckily I have a tutorial for that.  See how to make a custom envelope here.  You can even put a custom liner in it.

You will need:
Paper Selection

Because of the double layer on this see through snowflake card, you can use any paper for this card.  Experiment with patterns maybe.  The snowflakes need to be made from 2 sided paper, but a white backed paper is still two sided and white is a fine color for paper snowflakes. (See fun fact below)

The clear layer (grey piece in file) is made with acetate. If you don’t have any, try cutting an old mat cover sheet or a report cover.  They both make excellent substitutes for acetate sheets.  So do plastic packages that things are sold in, like dies.  I use a lot of those.

Cutting the See Through Snowflake card

Cut the card base and the Cricut will do the writing.  I used the medium foil tip for the writing, but if you don’t have the tips yet the file is set up to draw the text.  If you do have the foil tips just change the draw to foil (lower on the same list) I recommend the medium setting.  The rest of the instructions, if you need them are in this tutorial.

The font I used is called Aclonica.  It is a Google font and you can get it free here.

Assembling the See Through Snowflake Card

This one is real easy to make.  Start by re-creasing the fold lines on both base cards.  Then attack the acetate to one of the base cards, putting the glue on the card side.  Then glue the other base card with the acetate between the two faces with the holes.  Next, close the card and attach the snowflakes to the front.  The bigger one goes in the center hole.  While the card is closed attach the writing pieces and the star snowflake to the front.

Then assemble the border pieces.  Next open the card and place the assembled borders above and below the text.  That’s it.

And your See through Snowflake Card is done!  See wasn’t that easy?  

Fun Facts About Snowflakes
  • Snow is not just flakes.  It also contains sleet.  The more sleet the wetter, heavier and better packing the snow is.
  • All snowflakes are not unique.  There are identical snowflakes.
  • One inch of snow equals 0.1 inch of rain.
  • Snow is not white.  It is actually translucent (shiny clear).

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