September Challenge Award Winner

The Crazy Cricut Lady Facebook Group ran a challenge last month with one of the prize being a guest post.  This is the September Challenge Winner.  If you aren’t a member of the Crazy Cricut Lady Facebook Group, consider joining today!  It is a great place to get help and we are going to have more challenges!

It was designed by Michelle Vanderhost.  Here is her description of how she made it.  

September Challenge winner
September Challenge Winner

I made this project to create something from my imagination.  I see a lot of projects on craft sitesI like, and wanted something of my own.

What You Need:
Material Selection for the September Challenge Award Winner

I used black, orange and red permanent vinyl.  The wicker charger was chosen because it was unique.  I used Rustoleum Gel Stain in the color American Walnut. The size is a 10inX 0.13in wood round from Hobby Lobby.  I like the E6000 glue for crafting,  I use it in conjunction with hot glue.  The hot glue sticks it down quickly, the the E6000 adheres it long term.

Cutting the September Challenge Award Winner

I used a fine point cutting blade on the Cricut.   Permanent vinyl from was used.

Applying the Vinyl and Assembly Notes for the September Challenge Award Winner

First stain the wood round and let dry. Then, cut out design to fit the wood   I did mine 8.5″X8.5 “. You will have to group then attach your design so it cuts out together.  This design is layered. When stain is dry, apply a coat of polycrylic. This is so the vinyl adheres to the wood. Let that dry completely.  Weed the design, and  apply the transfer paper.   Align the design on the wood and transfer it to the wood by using a squeegee or other straight edge.  After design is on wood, glue it to the charger. Then glue rope around the wood.  Apply another coat of polycrylic over the entire project if you want it for outdoor use. (Probably not necessary for indoor use.)  Attach hanging hardware and rope for hanging.

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