Simple Christmas Gift Tags

These Simple Christmas Gift Tags are easy to make.  I will never buy gift tags again!  They are very similar some of the ornaments I made during Ornament Week, in fact some can be used as ornament if you make them a little bigger.

I made these simple Christmas gift tags with patterned paper which worked well for some but not all of them.  And some have holes to thread a ribbon through and some don’t.  But it is a great way to use up your scraps!

What you will need
Paper Selection

The simple Christmas gift tags can be any color or pattern you choose.  The  decorations where the writing is on the patterned paper work but don’t look as good.  Below are some examples that don’t work as well.


These pieces are fairly easy to cut.  Be careful removing the outline pieces from the mat as they are thin and tear easily.  The ones with a hole at the top you can thread a ribbon through.

These simple Christmas gift tags use the font CMV Zebra, which is one of the fill in fonts I designed for using with my cricut.  If you want to find out more about then, go here.  As long as you don’t change anything they will work for this project though.


This is also fairly straight forward.  Follow the pictures and layer the top pieces over the bottom ones and glue.  Liquid glue works best for this.


There are many ways to personalize these gift tags. 

You could texture some of them with an embossing folder or foil some of them using a laminator and the techniques described here . Or write the words with the We R Memory Keepers foiled pens.  That technique is described here.

Go wild and enjoy making these simple Christmas gift tags!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations. I enjoyed ideas for the making. Your page looks very nice.

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