Simple Halloween Puzzles

These Halloween Puzzles are soooo cute!  They are small enough and simple enough to give to little kids.  They can be trick or treat gifts or party favors.  Being diabetic, I don’t give candy.  This project can be done on the Maker or the Air machines with some minor changes (see below).

I did these puzzles with clear sticker vinyl (the first two) and white sticker paper (the others).  I recommend the white sticker paper.  The clear vinyl seems to come up around the edges when you cut the puzzle pieces and leave a funny outline.

What you will need

        • Chipboard (I used the back of a pack of cardstock)
        • white printable sticker paper
        • Liquid glue
        • Download file
        • Knife Blade
        • Scissors or an exacto blade
        • Download File
Paper Selection

The base of these Halloween puzzles is cut from either cereal boxes or the back sheet from a pack of cardstock I bought.  You could use chipboard if you want.  If you use the cereal boxes though the box graphics show up on the back of the puzzle.

I used Avery Brand white sticker paper for printing the faces.  Get some here.  There are other brands though this is the cheapest.


The faces will print 2 to a sheet on the sticker paper.  After printing attach the sticker paper to the cardboard.  When you put it in your maker to cut it, it will cut the puzzle pieces out.  The setting on the cricut is for chipboard which is set cut to out 24 times.  It doesn’t take this long.  After about 8 or 9 cuts test it to see if it is cut through.  One of mine took 9 cuts the other took 10.  You can cancel the cut after it cuts all the way through.  

There will be a lot of little slivers of paper cut out too.  Just wipe them off with a t shirt or rag.  (If they get on the mat, wipe it with a baby wipe until they come off.)

I tried this on the Air 2 also with the deep cut blade and it took a few more passes but not many.  That is the only difference.


Repeat the process for the backing.  


First, separate the ring and the puzzle pieces.  Then with liquid glue, glue the ring onto the backing.  Make sure you center it before the glue dries.  Finally put the puzzle back together.

If there are some places where the blade didn’t cut completely through these spots can be trimmed with scissors or an exacto blade.

And your puzzles are done.

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