Simple Paper 3D Ornaments

The second ornament for Wednesday is a simple Paper 3D Ornament.  It reminds me of the ornaments I made as a kid.  Of course I couldn’t cut such ornate designs in them.  See the rest of the ornaments I am making for ornament week here

These Paper 3D Ornaments are easy to make.  Kids will love helping with these.

What you will need

        • Various scraps of cardstock
        • glue ( to hold them in the 3D shape)
        • Download File
Paper Selection

The paper can be anything you want.  They really need to be somewhat heavy though.  At least 65 lb weight to keep their form.  Patterned paper would work OK too, but it would have to be double sided.  Your imagination is your only limit.


If you do is carefully you can even put text on these ornaments.  Maybe make a simple 3D ornament for each member of your family with their name on it.  The cuts are ornate so they are delicate.  Be careful removing them from the mat.

I combined all the little pieces on one mat.  To see how to do that watch my video.

Play Video

The ornaments fit together at the slits.  Look at the pictures to see how.  The star is glue to the top of the tree to form the loop to hang it.    I used a little glue on each side of the slits to keep them in their 3D shape.

The holes at the top of the ornaments allow you to hang them.  Just put a string or ribbon through the hole.  Maybe the kids would like to put stickers on the tree to make it personal.  Use your imagination.

And your simple 3D ornaments are done!

Paper Ornaments

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