Simple Paper Ornaments Kids Can Make

These Simple Paper Ornaments are Tuesday’s second set of ornaments.  They are simple to make but I will show you ways to jazz them up a bit.  If you want to see all the ornaments from Ornament Week, click here.

Hang these ornaments on your tree with a hook or a ribbon.  You can even make them two sided by duplicating the top layer and putting it on the other side.

What you will need

        • Cardstock scraps
        • glue
        • Optional:  Pen, Foiling Equipment, embossing folder, cuttlebug
        • Download File
Paper Selection

These simple paper ornaments can be any color or pattern you choose.  The outline pieces (tree and wreath) should be a solid color because they are so thin.  Match your other tree decorations or just go wild.  Use your imagination.


These pieces are fairly easy to cut.  Be careful removing the outline pieces from the mat as they are thin and tear easily.

I combined all the little pieces on one mat.  To see how to do that watch my video:

Play Video

This is also fairly straight forward.  They are easy enough for kids to assemble these simple paper ornaments.  Follow the pictures and layer the top pieces over the bottom ones and glue.  Liquid glue works best for this.


There are many ways to personalize these ornaments. As I mentioned before, you could duplicate the top layer and put it on the reverse side.  This only works with a solid color for the base.  

I textured some of them with an embossing folder and my Cuttlebug or Gemini or any die cutting machine.  Some of them I foiled using my laminator and that foiling  technique is described here

Another way to personalize them is to write someone special’s name on them with a pen or with the We R Memory Keepers foiled pens.  That foiling  technique is described here.

Go wild and enjoy making these simple paper ornaments with your kids or scout troop!

All Simple Paper Ornaments
All Simple Paper Ornaments

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