Simple Small Gift Boxes to Make – 2 Styles

Sometimes you just need a small gift box. Design Space has many different styles. One of these gift boxes is an Access file, one I created from a box I bought and reverse designed.  I hate wrapping gifts, especially small ones.  But these boxes make it simple

These boxes are colorful and uniquely yours.  I even put on a custom ribbon I made with the COLORP E-mark hand held printer available here.  I will write a tutorial soon on how to use this very useful hand held printer.  It is extremely useful on ribbons, face masks, gift wrap and all sorts of things!

You will need:
Paper Selection for the Small Gift Boxes

The more colorful the paper the better.  This project is a great use for all that patterned paper I keep buying at Hobby Lobby!  And the paper can be selected for the occasion.  The paper doesn’t have to be two sided (box 2 looks better with 2 sided paper but not mandatory) but it does have to be very heavy to stand up (at least 110 lb. wt. or heavier).  Glitter and foil paper tend to crack when folded so be careful when using them and they don’t allow you to write the names on them.  If you decide to write the name on the boxes make sure the pen will show up on the design of the paper.

Cutting the Small Gift Boxes

The boxes cut easily but you may need to re-crease the folds.  A easy tip is to use a scoring board or sliding paper cutter to re-crease the folds.  Instead of moving the blade across the project, line up your score line on the cutter under the blade path and instead of cutting with the blade, use your scoring tool in the groove.  it allows you to keep the line straight.

If you want to add the name to the small gift boxes, I left one of the names in the milk carton box design so that you can see how it looks.  I suggest that you use a fill in font to make the name stand out.  In the box I use the font Danken Stripes that you can get at for free at Font Bundles.  This is one of my favorites.  I also created several fill in fonts.  You can find out more about my fill in fonts here.  

Assembling the Small Gift Boxes

Re-crease all the fold lines for the boxes according to the diagrams below.  Click on the picture to get a better view.

Once they are folded, then glue the tabs (left side for milk carton style, right side for box 2) to form the body of the small gift boxes basic shape.  The small corners at the top of the box 2 design need to be glued also.  Next tuck the bottom pieces in, doing it in this order: first the H shaped piece, then the two R shaped pieces and finally the Y shaped piece.  Tuck the tabs under the H piece as you go.  You can glue them if you want but you don’t have to unless what you are putting in them is heavy.

The triangle pieces with the slits on the top of the milk carton box don’t have score lines.  They just hook on the tabs of the other two top pieces.  Do not glue any of the top pieces or they won’t be able to open the box!

On box 2, the folds won’t completely close the top.  You will need to tie a ribbon around the skinny part of the box to keep it closed.  You may need to gently force the valley fold tucks on the box part in to get it to close.  There will be a small gap in the top but you can block that with a little tissue paper.


And your two Small Gift Boxes are done!  They are small but those are the most difficult presents to wrap anyway

Wrapping Fun Facts
  • For a fun extra decorating trick, wrap your wall hangings, it is an easy way to add a holiday touch to your walls.  Then when the season is over everything looks new and fresh.
  • Hallmark, in 1917, invented modern wrapping paper.   They ran out of tissue paper and substituted envelope lining paper.  Customers loved it and an industry was born.
  •  Wrapping paper is fun and pretty but it creates 4 million tons of trash each year in the States.  But these boxes are reusable, so no trash!  Besides who throws away handmade items?
  • Up until the early 1900s, brown paper was typically used as wrapping paper for gifts and purchased goods.

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