Make This Simple Thank You Card

This Simple Thank you Card is for all my beginners out there. Ever need a quick note to say thanks? If you have Access from Design Space this is a free design. This card is very simple and quick to make.

Anyone can make this card no matter their skill level.  Shouldn’t we all be saying thanks more often?  Make this card in advance and have it when you need it.

What You Need:
Paper Selection

I did this simple thank you card in pink patterned paper and gold foiled paper.  You can make it with any paper you want.  If you don’t use two sided paper the inside will be white.  But the back of the foiled paper is white so it matches.

Cutting the Simple Thank You Card

This is a cut out design and isn’t too intricate so it works well.  You can write your own message on the inside so it is very customizable.

Assembling the Simple Thank you Card

First re-crease the fold.  Then open and close the card a few times.

The foiled paper is glued to the inside of the card facing front so that it shows through the cut out.  Put the glue on the card side but so it doesn’t show through the front.  Art glitter glue dries clear but you can still see smudges on the foiled paper.  It is the only glue I use anymore.  But don’t use too much glue.

This card is very customizable as you can write your own message inside it.  And your Simple Thank You card is done.  Wasn’t that easy?

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