Small Bookmarks AKA Page Corner Bookmarks

This is the second post about making bookmarks but these are different.  These are page corner bookmarks and just as the name says they fit over the corner of the page of your book.  See the large bookmarks here.

As I said on the page with the other bookmarks, I made these and showed them to my daughter and she laughed at me.  She said “DUH mom, we don’t have books anymore.  Everything is on the computer.”  So I guess that these corner bookmarks are for readers too.  And I guess I’m just old because I had books.  Either way these are cute and easy to make. 

What you need:
Paper Selection

Thesecorner bookmarks really have no specifications which make it a great way tol get rid of paper scraps.  The pieces are small.  Just make sure tht the writing shows up on the paper.


For the ones with drawing I used a black gel pen or on the dark bookmark I used a silver gel pen.  Using a marker you would lose to much of the detail.

BTW did you know that you can use any pen in your cricut?  Find out how here.

I combined all the small pieces to one mat.  Watch my video if you don’t know how to do that

Play Video
Assembling the Corner Bookmarks

Look at the picture to see what goes where.  I tried to keep the stuff all together in the download file for each bookmark. Everything can attached with liquid glue. For the flower be careful where you glue it so that the glue doesn’t come through the hole in the front.

Fold back at the score lines and glue the 2 back pieces together.  Do not glue the front piece.  The bookmark should slide over the corner of the page of the book like the examples below.

If you have any questions you can reach me on my  Facebook group or just email me.\

And your Back to School Corner Bookmarks are done!

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