St Patrick’s Day Projects

This is a list of all my St Patrick’s Day projects.  Everything is coming up green!  

Just click on the read more button to see the whole tutorial.  Download links are included inside each project.  

So pick your poison and enjoy.  If you have any questions you can post a comment below, email me, or post the question at my Facebook Group, The Crazy Cricut Lady Group.

Saint Patrick's Day Bubble Card

WOW!! This Saint Patrick’s Day Bubble Card is Amazing

This Saint Patrick's Day Bubble Card is made from a two piece ornament.  The ornament is 99 cents from Hobby Lobby and you get two ...
Send this Unique 3D Saint Patrick's Day Teepee Card

Send this Unique 3D Saint Patrick’s Day Teepee Card

This Saint Patrick's Day Teepee card is 3D and very interesting. Held together with a spot of Velcro on the back, it ships flat but ...
Make A Saint Patrick's Day Star Card With Envelope

Make A Saint Patrick’s Day Star Card With Envelope

This Saint Patrick's Day Star Card is a fun fold card. It closes down to a star. I have included an envelope because it is ...
Saint Patrick's Day Straw Toppers Make Drinking Fun!

Saint Patrick’s Day Straw Toppers Make Drinking Fun!

These St. Patrick's Day Straw toppers are fun to use and easy to make. I will show you three different ways to attach them to ...
Make This Gnomies St Patricks Day Card

Make This Gnomies St Patricks Day Card

This is my last Gnomies St. Patrick's Day Card this year. And it has a Gnome Pun! It shows how to make the gnomes yours ...
Twisted gatefold st patricks day gnome card

Two St Patricks Day Gnome Cards

I made these St Patricks Day Gnome cards to show you uses for your gnomes that were created here in the last tutorial. Twisted Gatefold ...
all the st patricks day gnomes

More St Patricks Day Gnomes To Make

Gnomes are back with these male and female St Patricks Day Gnomes!  The file makes them about 5 inches tall.  That is perfect for embellishments ...
Front of St. Patrick's Day Bernie meme card

Bernie Meme St Patrick’s Day Card to Make

This Bernie Meme St. Patrick's Day card is sooo cute. Whether you like Bernie Sanders or not (I think he is a little too liberal) ...
Shamrock Layered Mandala in shades of green

Make A More Difficult Shamrock Layered Mandala

This shamrock layered mandala is a little more complex than some of my layered mandalas. But don't worry it is not as hard as it ...
Pot of gold St Patrick's Day Shakers

Cheaply Make your own St Patricks Day Shakers

I have some St Patricks Day shakers for you today.  And I changed one of them a bit and managed to get more color and ...
Shamrock Incire

Incire Shamrock and Shamrock Card

Incire Shamrock!  And just in time for St. Patrick's Day.  Today is the second of many Incire inspired designs.  Yesterday I made bookmarks to introduce ...
Unicorn acetate pop up

Acetate Pop Up St Patrick’s Day Card

This St Patrick's Day Card was made with an acetate pop up in the center.  The unicorn is made from vinyl which makes it easy ...
Hexagon Fold Card with card band attached

Hexagon Fold Card for St. Patrick’s Day

The Hexagon Fold Card has puzzled me for quite a while.  I finally figured it out!  And now I am ready to teach you how ...
St. Patrick's Day Concertina Card

Make This St. Patrick’s Day Concertina Card

This St. Patrick's Day Concertina Card was inspired by something Crafter's Companion did on HSN Craft Day.  It is amazing how much inspiration I get ...

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