Star Fold Card for a Baby Shower

I saw this Star Fold card on pinterest and knew I just HAD to figure out how to make it.  I needed a card for a baby shower so I decided that I would make it work by then.  Time pressure – the ultimate motivater.

Turned out that this Star Fold Card was simpler than I thought.  (I was a math minor in college so the geometry wasn’t that hard.)  And the baby shower, as you know if you have been reading my posts this week, was a purple panda theme, so there you go.

You will need:

Paper selection

This card lends itself to creativity.  The base card needs to be two sided so a solid color works best but I found this purple marbled paper that was two sided so I hit the jackpot.  Patterned paper adds a nice touch for the slanted rectangles.

Cutting the Star Fold Card

You will print the small triangles. I put cardstock in the printer to help with the stiffness of the card.  Cut the card base and the printer will do the writing.  


All the gluing can be done with a tape gun but liquid glue works better.  First put the center triangle in and be careful not to cover the fold lines.  Then work outward until the card is together.

I made my own envelope for this card.  I made the card a little smaller for you so that the envelope would fit on one mat.  When I made the card I made it bigger and had to piece together the envelope. UGH!  You card will be smaller but it will be square, so you will probably need to make an envelope.  Measure the distance across the card when folded and make your envelope about a half inch bigger.  Design Space has lots of envelopes to choose from.

And you’re Star Fold Card is done. Enjoy

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