Super Dad Father’s Day Card

I think my Dad was Super Dad. I bet you do too. This Super Dad Father’s Day card will tell him that too. The center is made with vinyl making placing the little pieces easier. The center open up and pops out.  It reminds me of Superman opening up his shirt.  So I put those images around the center.

I don’t work with vinyl a lot but with this card it made the card so much easier to place the little pieces.  Cutting the white center from vinyl held everything in place perfectly.  If you have never tried this technique, you should!

You will need:
        • lots of shades of blue cardstock
        • white vinyl
        • Glue
        • Transfer paper and weeding tools
        • Download File
Paper Selection

The base of this Super Dad Father’s Day Card doesn’t needs to be two sided and because of all the layers doesn’t have to be heavy weight at all.  Patterns would work well with any part of this card.  Just don’t use too many patterns.  This would get confusing.

You can use removable or permanent vinyl.  It doesn’t matter.

Cutting the card
The vinyl, as I said, can be removable or permanent.  I had some that I wasn’t sure which type the vinyl was and this was the perfect project to use it up.  If you need help weeding and transferring vinyl, look at my vinyl basics tutorial here.
The rest of the card cuts easily.
Assembling the Super Dad Father’s Day Card
This card has lots of layers.  Start by re creasing all the folds.  The center light blue piece will fold like the picture below.  The vertical fold lies flat but is there to help with positioning the other pieces on top.
Fold instructions for the Super Dad Father's Day Card
Transferring The Vinyl

Once you have the vinyl cut, weeded and on the transfer paper, place the dark blue pieces on top of it with the top side down.  Stick them to the vinyl and transfer paper.  Then take the vinyl and dark blue triangles off the transfer paper.  I would use weak hold transfer paper or you will tear the triangles.  I used contact paper that I had used before and it came right off.  You can then glue the dark triangles to the light blue piece above in the right spots.  Look at the picture if you need help.

Assembling the rest of the Super Dad Father’s Day Card
First assemble the layers of the inside of the card (the dark blue and medium blue squares).  Next, glue the top and bottom diamonds of the big diamond to the base card in the center.  Do not put glue on the other parts or your cared will not close properly.  Glue the superman images around the edges.  Then tuck the center edges of the big diamond in and close the card.  Open and close it a few times to make sure it works OK.

Then glue the layers on the front of the card.

And your Super Dad Father’s Day Card is done!  It fits into an A2 envelope for mailing.

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