Super Simple Incire Cross

My previous Incire projects have been advanced level.  This Incire cross is very easy.  There is no tucking only gluing.  But that doesn’t make it any less impressive.  It still looks like it took a lot of time and effort.

I have been telling you that white is a color too. This Incire Cross shows how regular one sided pattern paper can work too.

What you will need

        • 1 sided patterned Cardstock
        • Solid colored cardstock for the backing
        • glue
        • Download File
Paper Selection

This project uses one sided patterned paper.  Any weight will do.  You also need a solid color cardstock for the backing.  I got out my color wheel and chose purple to hightlight the yellow.  Choose whatever color appeals to you.  Just make it different enough from the main pattern.

Cutting the piece

This is actually the easiest step because the cricut does all the precision cutting.  Just be sure that the paper is cut well and all the way through.  I usually cut the pattern twice by hitting the C on the machine when cutting is done just to make sure.  The paper tears easily when trying to fold if the cut isn’t complete.


These projects don’t have score lines because they would be so small.  The paper folds easily though.

The patterned side of the paper should be the top. Work with each set of tabs individually.  Then fold every other one of the little tabs straight up, like this:

These Incire Cross tabs aren’t tucked.  They are just glued down.  Using liquid glue, first put glue on the pattern side of the outermost tab.  Glue that tab down and continue with the other tabs.  THe little tab in the center can be difficult.  I used a pick to fold it up.   Then move on to the next set.


Finishing Up

Once everything is glue down, wait for the Incire Cross to dry.  Then glue the whole piece to a base piece.  In my examples the base piece is purple because that went with the paper.

I hope you enjoyed this project.  I wanted to do something simple anyone could do with confidence.

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