Surprise Three Flap Slimline Hoppy Easter Card

This Surprise Three Flap Slimline Easter Card is cute and easy. It’s a great project for a beginner to say “Hoppy Easter” to your favorite Easter pal.  The intricate cuts make it look hard, but it isn’t with your Cricut.

This card fits into an regular business envelope which makes it very easy to mail!  Or you can make your own matching custom envelope using the envelope tutorial found here. 

You will need:
Paper Selection for the Three Flap Slimline Easter Card

The color scheme for this card is yellow and purple and the base card does need to be two sided because  the front overlay. don’t cover completely  The long yellow rectangle inside the card shows through to add some color to the front of the card.  Patterns, would add more interest, but remember the bunnies and the chick inside are also made from that same paper.  The glitter paper adds bling.  Use your imagination with the colors and make a special statement of your own

Cutting the Three Flap Slimline Easter Card

Cut the card base and the Cricut will do the writing.  I used a black marker.  Did you know that you can use any pen in your Cricut?  You can see the trick here.  

If you are using the SVG files be sure to follow all the directions in the instruction document in the zip file.  The card will not cut the proper size, score or write properly if you don’t.  Please join me and tell Cricut to please fix this glitch!

Assembling the Three Flap Slimline Easter Card

This card isn’t hard.  First. re-crease the fold on the base card.  Then the overlays must be assembled and attached to the card. Look at the pictures to assemble the card.  The long yellow overlay goes down on the inside first.  Then line up the inside purple overlays with the flaps so they cannot be seen from the front when the card is closed..  Finally attach the overlays to the front of the closed card.


And your Three Flap Slimline Easter Card is done!  See that wasn’t too hard.  Remember it fits into an regular business envelope for mailing.

Easter Bunny Fun Facts
  • As early as the 17th century, German folklore references the legend of German for “Easter hare.” The mythical rabbit who visited children while they slept rewarded them with colored eggs for their good behavior, which it left in nests that German children made out of hats.
  • Although it’s not as common now, German children in the early days of Oschter Haws used to leave out carrots for the Easter Bunny
  • Like Americans, most Australians grew up celebrating Easter with the Easter Bunny. In recent decades, however, Aussies have put the Easter Bunny on notice. That’s because rabbits are not native to Australia.
  • The rabbit’s roots date back to ancient pagan civilizations, which celebrated the arrival of spring each year with a festival dedicated to Eostre, an Anglo-Saxon goddess of fertility.

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