Perforation Blade Birthday Card

Santa brought me all the blades I didn’t have and this tutorial is about the perforation blade.  You need the maker to use this blade although if you don’t have the maker or the blade, I will tell you how to do this effect without it.  But it is much easier with the blade.

A gift card fits perfectly under the perforation in this card.  And it fits into an A7 envelope.


You will need:

        • Heavy2 sided cardstock for the base
        • Scraps of cardstock
        • A gift card
        • Pen
        • Glue
Perforation Blade
Perforation Blade
About the Perforation Blade

I love this blade.  I tried to make this card without it and you can do it, but it is really tedious. 

This blade uses the same quick change housing as the other new blades.  You just have to press the button at the top and change out the blade.  I hope this leads to other blades in the future with the same type of setup.  You only need one quick change housing and can buy the new blades without it.

You can get them from Amazon or from Cricut directly.  They are about the same price (about $16) with the Cricut Access discount.

Paper Selection

The cardstock for the base card must be solid or two sided since you see both sides.  The embelishments can be any paper you choose.  You can use patterns or plain or even vellum if you want.

Cutting the Card

As i said, this card uses the perforation blade and is very easy to cut with it.  (I will tell you how to do it without at the end.)  I used a black pen and my fill in font CMV Zebra.  Find out more about it here. 

The perforated section can be used either way facing up.  Be careful taking the embellishments off the mat.  They are thin and tear easily.


First, re crease the fold for the base card.  Fold it so that the writing in on the outside.

Then open the card and put the gift card down in the center of the bottom half.  (I used Ken’s NRA card but it is the same size as a gift card.)  You may want to add a slight amount of tape glue to the back of it first to keep it in place.

Glue the perforated rectangle over the gift card.  It is the exact same size as the bottom of the card.  Make sure you glue outside the perforations so that the card works as designed.

Lastly, glue the embellishments to the card.  See the pictures for placing them.  

And your card is done.

Gift Card under the perforation
Making the Card Without the Perforation Blade

If you don’t have the perforation blade or don’t have the maker, you can still make this card.  You will first need to alter the perforation lines.  I would change them to cut lines to keep them lined up. 

Shrink the length of the cut lines to about a quarter inch then duplicate them about a dozen times.  Line them up where the perforation lines were, leaving about a quarter inch between them.  You can make sure they are lined up properly by using the align button and either aligning them top or left which ever direction you are going. (Left for the vertical line and top for the two horizontal lines).  You will need to duplicate the quarter inch cut lines several more times to make it all the way around.

This may be tedious and take some time to do, but it is possible.

I am an associate with some of the companies linked to in this article and earn a commision from your purchase.  This does not add to your price in any way.

Iron Cross Birthday Card

This card reminds me of a book I used to read Cordelia.  It was called “Monster at the End of this Book.”  It had Grover afraid of the monster until you found out that Grover himself was the monster at the end.

Each step brings you closer to the “surprise” at the end that everyone already knows.

You will need:

        • 2 sheets of heavy cardstock for the base
        • various scraps of cardstock
        • Pen
        • printer
        • Glue

Cutting this card

The base card needs to be double sided cardstock but the cover pieces don’t.  I made both from patterned paper but they were a light pattern that could be written on without interfering. 

The cricut will write everything on the card.  The font used is CMV ZigZag, one of the fill in fonts I created for Design Space.  As long as you don’t change what the card says, it will use this font if you don’t own it.    You can find out more about them here.

Sometimes when I make this card it divides the cover sheets into two mats, sometimes it doesn’t.  They can be combined with no problem.  The little embellishments can be combined together on one mat too.
If you need to know how to do this watch my video.

Play Video
Assembling the Card

The first thing to do is re crease the folds in the base card.  Open and shut the card a few times to make sure it works ok.

After everything is cut out, I suggest you first sort the embellishments into the proper “pages”.  Look at the pictures to see what goes where.  The rolled flower on the cover page can be made with my rolled flower tutorial.  It can be found here. 

Then you can assemble the panels.  Again look at the pictures to see what goes where.  Liquid glue works best for this.  After the panels are done attach them to the base card.  You can use tape glue or liquid glue for this.

And your Iron Cross Birthday Card is done!  Enjoy.

Monkey Birthday Card for Little Boys

This Monkey Birthday Card goes nicely with the Lady Bug Birthday Card I did yesterday.  Wouldn’t it be cute to send these cards to twins?

This card would be cute to send to your favorite little boy or add a bow and it could be for a girl too.  It fits in an A2 envelope for mailing.

This Monkey Birthday Card looks simple and it is.    Tell that special kid in your life you love them with this simple card.

You will need:

        • Heavy cardstock for the base (black)
        • Various Cardstock scraps (shades of brown)
        • a grommet
        • a grommet tool
        • Pen
        • Glue

Cutting the card

Cut the card base and the cricut will do the writing.  I used a white gel pen because I love the way it looks and a gold gel pen for the bananas.  If you want to change what the card says that can easily be done before cutting.  

The font used fills in when drawn.  You can get Fill in fonts here.  A note about this font.  If you use it in your own projects, DO NOT weld this font after joining the letters.  It ruins the fill in effect.

I cut the brown pieces on one mat.  If you need to see how I do that watch this video.

Play Video

Watch my video for cutting Multiple colors on one mat

Once all the pieces are cut out, glue the face onto the front.  Make sure the hole on the ear matches up.  Line the card up with the holes matching and put a grommet through all three layers.

Grommet Tool

I used a wonderful tool called The Scraparatus by Karen Foster.  I have the amazon link to get one right here.

It will punch a hole through paper, plastic or leather and the Scraparatus does all the work for you.  

You canuse it to cut the hole then simply changed heads and set the grommet if they weren’t already cut.  I use it all the time.  It even has die sets that will cut out letters and small shapes.  I have a few but don’t use them much except for holes.  But the most impressive thing, in my opinion is setting grommets of any size.

If you don’t have one use a paper punch and tie a ribbon or put a brad in the hole.

And the card is done. Make sure your favorite kid  knows you are thinking of hi on his special day.  As I said it fits in an A2 envelope.  

And the lady bug card is here.