Twisted Christmas Thank You Cards

This twisted Christmas Thank you card will help teach your kids to appreciate there gifts.  My mother made us write Thank You cards every Christmas.  We thanked everyone for or gifts, even Santa.  My mamma raised us right.  I wish there was more of that kind of behavior today.

I make Cordelia at least call to thank everyone personally.  She even thanks me for making dinner or buying her clothes.  She is a good girl.  There is not enough of that behavior in society today.

This twisted Christmas thank you card I saw in a book and was inspired by cards by Kelly Gettafinger.

You will need:
        • Heavy cardstock for the base
        • scraps of cardstock
        • Pen
        • Glue
        • Download File
Paper Selection

Since you see both sides of the paper either two sided or solid colored paper is needed for the base card.  Everything else can be whatever color you want as long as you can see the writing. 

I went with traditional Christmas colors since this is a thank you for Christmas presents.  It can be easily adapted for any occasion.


Cutting the Twisted Christmas Thank You Card

I went with a white pen because it showed up well and seemed appropriate for the snowflakes.

This card is very easy to cut.

Folding and Assembly
Start by re creasing all the fold lines.  Then fold along the long diagonal line.  The short fold line now is the center of the card fold.
The two weird shapes panels with writing slide into the card in the front and middle.  Look at the picture for how.  They don’t require glue but I put some on just the same.

Glue the Thank you to the inside of the card.

And your Twisted Christmas Thank You card is done! And it fits in an A2 envelope.

Christmas Window Ledge Card

This Christmas Window Ledge Card is fun to make.  When I found the template for a window ledge card I thought about what design to make.  Then thought the obvious choice was a window.

This card is simple and fun to make.  

You will need:
        • Heavy cardstock for the base
        • Scraps of cardstock
        • Pen
        • Glue
        • Download File

Paper Selection

The paper for the base of this Christmas window ledge card must be at least 100 lb weight or the card will not stand up.  Patterns work great for this card.  It does not need to be double sided because you never see the back.  You need a pen that shows up on the paper.  I used a jellyroll white pen and love how it stands out.  Did you know that you could use any pen in your Cricut?  See the trick here.


Cutting the Card

This is fairly easy to cut.  Just keep track of the little pieces.  I kept losing the snow pieces for the window.

I used a white gel pen to do the writing.  You can get a Uni-ball white gel pen here.  They are great, but don’t buy a cheap one.  They don’t work as well.

Assembling the Christmas Window Ledge Card

Re-crease all the folds.  From the bottom back they are a mountain fold, a valley fold and a mountain fold.

Assemble the center window scene from back to front with the snow going on the back of the window panes at the bottom.  Then comes the window and the light blue wall.  Next glue the curtains and finally the valance.  See the final product to see the exact placement.

Lastly glue the window scene onto the center of the card.

And your Christmas window ledge card is done!

Christmas Window Ledge Card

This Christmas Pulley Card is Amazing

This Christmas Pulley Card is another card inspired by something Anna Griffin did on HSN Craft Day a in June.  I did a Halloween Pulley Card and you can see it here.  I just love this card design and the Christmas pulley card is just so beautiful.

This card is definitely for advanced users of the Cricut.  The card band is extra large to keep the card closed.  The design space isn’t available for this card. It is just difficult to get all the tree detail into an SVG but I tried.  If you want to download the original tree file it is available at Creative Fabrica here.  Just put it in your design and take out mine after you load up the SVG files.

What you need:

      • Very heavy cardstock for the base
      • Scraps of cardstock 
      • liquid glue
      • Pen
      • Download file

This card is very complicated to assemble so read through the instructions completely before you start.

Paper Selection

Traditional Christmas colors work best with this card.  The base card has to be heavier paper, at least 100 lb. weight.  Patterned paper may look good on some of the embellishments but I wouldn’t use it for the base card.  Use your imagination.  

Cutting the Christmas Pulley Card

I used a red glitter gel pen for the decoration and a black pen for the Merry Christmas.  You can use any color you like.  I think the foil We R Memory Keepers pens would look great too.  Either way the background takes awhile to draw, just warning you.  And the bottom grey piece draws outside the cut space because I couldn’t slice the drawing without losing the design, so plan for that with your paper.


Watch my video on cutting different colors on the same mat.

Play Video
Assembling the Card

Start by assembling the layers of the tree, presents and candle.  The top layer of the tree is particularly difficult to get off the mat.  Mine tore, but I managed to glue it to the bottom layer so you couldn’t tell.  Be very careful.

Before you start assembling the pulley mechanism, glue the two slotted pieces together with the smaller one on top.  Make sure to line up the slots and to only glue them on the vertical edges outside the slots.  This will allow the slider to slide. Then glue the small grey piece to the bottom of the base card. 

This card is very difficult to assemble so read the directions a few times first to be sure you got it.  I made an orange version to show you how to assemble it.

 Pulley Assembly
The first thing you need to do is fold the long thin pieces.  When they are folded they look like this:

I used tape glue in this example.  When you make your card, use liquid glue.  We are going to glue the piece that looks like an S first.  Put glue on the end part. like this:

Make a box with the last three sections and attack the glue to the rest of the piece.  Put glue on the bottom of the box.

Then fold the piece around and attach the top fold to the bottom of the box like this:

Put glue on the back and bottom of this piece.

Next, slide the long uncreased part of the other piece through the two slots in the top  large rectangle and passing between the two rectangles. Glue the little fold to the base card just below the center fold to separate it from the back.  Glue the other folded piece to it so that it is even with the bottom.  Lastly glue the whole piece to the bottom.  When you have done all that it should look like this. ( I only included one of the slotted rectangles and left out the little grey piece.) The base looks a little warped in the picture because of all the dozens of times I tried to figure this out.  When you make this card it will be straight.

Finishing the Card

Open and close the card a few times to make sure the back slides and the other pieces fold properly.

Once you are sure it works properly add the rest of the embellishments.  The gold snowflake attaches to the top of the slider.  The tree goes together and attaches to the next tab.  And the presents attach to the farthest out tab. This is what gives the card its layers.

Attach the candle to the card band and wrap the band around the closed card. Be sure that it is loose enough to slide on and off.  As I said earlier, this keeps the card closed and adds some decoration to the front when the card is closed.

I know this card was complicated but now your Christmas Pulley Card is done.  If you have any questions or difficulties, contact me at my Facebook group or email me.  I will help.

Everyone will enjoy this wonderful card!