Designing a Floating Ornament

A Floating Ornament is easy to make but designing them must follow certain rules.  In this tutorial I first give you six of my designs.  Then I will teach you the rules so that you can design your own.

These  floating ornaments do not photograph well but once you make them they are beautiful.  They take some special equipment to make(like printable transparencies) but are well worth it.  If you want to see the other ornaments for Ornament Week, click here.

What you will need

Printing and Cutting

With my file and printable transparencies, these are really simple.  They all print on one page.  The Cricut will cut around the circle and I designed them to fit into 2.65 in ornaments.  

If you use another size ornament just take the outside measurement (it should be on the box) and subtract a little for the with of the glass.  For the 2.65 inch ornaments I had to cut the circle to 2.5 inches.  You may have to trial them to make sure they fit properly.  You can do this with copy paper so you don’t waste your transparencies.

First take the top off your ornament.  Be careful with the prongs.  I broke a glass ornament pulling it out.
Once the floating ornament pictures  are cut out, place them between the prongs of your tweezers and roll them so they fit through the hole at the top of your ornament like this:


Ornament rolled around tweezers
Ornament rolled around tweezers

Then insert it through the top hole.  The transparencies will unfold themselves one inside.  If they are off center or sideways adjust them with the tweezers or a probe.  Put the top back on your ornaments carefully so as not to break the glass.

And your ornaments are done.

Picture of the Floating Ornament designs
Picture of the Floating Ornament designs
Designing your own Ornaments

I know everyone does not have a family member named Ella.  You can change that name to anything you want obviously.  You may have an Idea for another design too.  There are a few rules to follow when designing a floating ornament and they have mostly to do with color.

Use Bold Colors

First of all, bold colors show up better.  You can see this in most of my examples.  Red, Black and Dark Blue are good.  Anything you make white will not print, but you can use this too.  The moose ornament uses this and makes up for the use of not so bold colors.  The tree ornament uses the dark blue circles with the white middle to make the tree stand out without overpowering it.  

Writing and Small Details

Writing needs to be bold and works better the bigger you make it.  Small details don’t show up well.  The star ornament actually started with the star being two different colors but that didn’t work well.

My Trials

Some colors show up better than others and some color combinations just work better.  Here are some examples of my trials:

As I said earlier the star just worked better all the same color and the last design is the one I used because the colors contrasted nicely.

The tree ornament worked best with the dark green tree and the darker colored presents.  The star worked better with an orange star than with a yellow one.  And I don’t have a picture without the blue rings but take my word for it they helped the tree and the star stand out.

I hope this makes it easier for you to design your own ornaments.  I would love to see what you have done.  Post pictures in the comments or on my Facebook Group.

Paper Treat Basket Ornaments

These Paper Treat Basket Ornaments allow you to have treats IN your tree as well as UNDER it.  And they are easy to make! Yes I used the leftover Halloween Candy.

Make these ornaments for your tree or give them out as party favors.  If you want to see the other ornaments I’ve made for Ornament Week, check all the tutorials out here.

What you will need

        • Various scraps of cardstock
        • Pen
        • glue
Paper Selection

Any Paper can be used to make these cute baskets.  The blue one is lightweight copy paper.  The green is poster board. Patterned Paper will work as long as it doesn’t overpower the embellishments.


The Cricut does all the drawing.  Just make sure that you use a pen that shows up.  Did you know that with my trick, you can use any pen in your cricut?  Read my trick here.

I combined all the little pieces on one mat.  To see how to do that watch my video.

Play Video

These are very easy to assemble but the heavy weight paper needs a glue gun to hold the cone closed.  The others were closed with Art Glitter Glue.

Attach the tree before you try to roll up the green one.  Just roll them and form a cone and apply the glue.  Attach the “handle” to either side of the inside of the basket and your Paper Treat Basket Ornament is done!

Paper Spiral Ornaments

These Paper Spiral Ornaments look a lot like the Halloween Spirals I was making last month (For ideas on what else you can do with them click the Halloween spirals link above).  And they are.  But these are smaller and I solved the two sided paper problem which opens up the paper possibilities.

If you want to see some of the other decorations from Ornament Week, click here.

Martha Stewart inspired this decoration.  I have her “tool” to cut them by hand but, as you know, I can’t cut a straight line if my life depended on it.  That’s why I own a Cricut.

What you will need

        • Cardstock 
        • glue gun
        • liquid glue
Paper Selection

The cut file is very simple and can be cut from anything. I have mirrored the design so that two different papers can be glued together to make a better ornament.  Use your imagination and now use any paper  .If you are using two sided paper you don’t need the extra copy but you can use it too if you want.  


Once they are cut, be careful taking them from the mat.  Depending on your paper they can tear easily.  If using two sided paper and want both sides to show skip to the section called “Building the Ornament”. 

 If using one sided paper or if you just want one side of the two sided paper to show, the two pieces of paper need glued together.  Line up the holes with the sides you want to see facing out.  Then apply liquid glue to the back sides (the sides that are together).  Make sure that the glue goes all the way to the edges.   Glue the two sides together.  Let dry before doing the next steps.

Building the Ornament

Starting with the center cuts, join the points together in the center with a glue gun.  I tried liquid glue and it just isn’t strong enough or dry fast enough.  Then work your way out, alternating front and back until the spiral is done.  The holes allow for an ornament hanger.