Side Step Graduation Card

It is graduation time again.  Do you have a friend or family member graduating?  Make them this Side Step Card to honor them on their big day.

This Graduate Side Step Card impresses every time and is simple to make

You will need:

        • Heavy cardstock for the base
        • Various Cardstock scraps
        • Pen
        • Glue

Cutting the card

Cut the card base and the cover pieces. The cricut will do the writing.  I used a grey/silver pen.  If you want to change what the card says that can easily be done before cutting.  This card was for a girl so I used pink cardstock.  You can use any color you like. 

Folding the Card

Re-crease the fold lines.  Starting at the front of the card, the first fold line  on the right makes a mountain.  The next makes a valley.  Continue until all the folds are made alternating mountain and valley.  THe left side is folded as a mountain.

Next glue the pieces on.  The scroll goes on the middle peak.

And the card is done. Make sure your graduate knows you are thinking of them.

Graduation Card made with Vinyl

This graduation card has lots of little parts which are hard to keep straignt and glue.  I fixed that by using vinyl.  It holds everything in place and makes gluing a thing of the past.

This Graduation Card looks simple and it is but it also looks elegant.  Say congratulations to your favorite graduate. The Download file has been updated to include a girl graduate and for 2020

You will need:
        • Heavy cardstock for the base
        • Premium Vinyl
        • Transfer Paper
        • Weeding Tools
        • Pen
        • Glue
        • Download File
        • Washi Tape
        • Scissors or a craft knife
Paper Choice
I made this graduation card with a premade base card but I included the cut image for a card in the download file.  Chose the vinyl color you want.  The base card can be cut from any color but if you use a pattern it needs to be two sided.

Cutting the Materials

First choose whether you are doing a girl or boy card.  Hide (by clicking the eyeball next to it in the layers menu) the version you don’t need.  Then cut the vinyl. The premiun vinyl does not need to be mirrored.  Once the vinyl is cut, weed it.   I go into detail on how to work with premium vinyl in another tutorial.

Cut the card base and the cricut will do the writing.  I used a blue gel pen.  If you want to change what the card says, that can easily be done before cutting.  

Assembling the Graduate Card

If you are using the base card first re crease the score line.  The vinyl first needs to be weeded and then put on transfer paper.  If you need more help with that see my tutorial on working with vinyl.

The vinyl is applied to the front of the card.  Carefully line up the transfer paper where you want it.  The paper is not very forgiving to re-positioning so try not to touch the paper with the transfer sheet.  Once you have it about where you want it apply the vinyl by the taco method.  That means hold the transfer tape so it is shaped like a taco and place the center first.  Then slowly lower each side, smoothing as you go.  Squeegee out any wrinkles in the vinyl.

Place two strips of washi tape above and below the vinyl on the front. Cut them to length with the scissors or craft knife.

And your Graduation card is done. Enjoy