Halloween Spiral – I Can’t Stop Making Them

This Halloween Spiral decoration is cute and fun.  And it is easy to make.   Now  I can’t stop making them.  And I found so many ways to arrange them.

You can make this Halloween Spiral bigger if you want, just change the size in Design Space but I designed it to make four per sheet.   Make a whole bunch  of them and decorate for your Halloween Party  or classroom.

Martha Stewart inspired this decoration.  I have her “tool” to cut them by hand but, as you know, I can’t cut a straight line if my life depended on it.  That’s why I own a Cricut.

What you will need

        • Cardstock 
        • glue gun
Flower from Halloween Spiral
Paper Selection

The cut file is very simple and can be cut from anything.  I have designed it so that four of the spirals can be cut from on piece of 12 X 12 cardstock.  So you are in total control of your final project.  Use your imagination.

If you use one sided paper, like the orange ones, then the white side adds more color.  But solids work too.  I really like the glitter paper and want to try vellum next.

Once they are cut, be careful taking them from the mat.  Depending on your paper they can tear easily.


Halloween Spiral Placement 2

Starting with the center cuts, join the points together in the center with a glue gun.  I tried liquid glue and it just isn’t strong enough or dry fast enough.  Then work your way out, alternating front and back until the spiral is done.  I didn’t glue them together until I made the last one below.  That way I had the ability to try different arrangements.  I have tried lots and I am trying more.  I will add them when I do.

They can be hung individually or combined in many ways, as you can see, to make a decoration

Alternating colors all glued together
Alternating colors all glued together

Halloween Pennant Banner

This Halloween Pennant Banner is cute and fun.  And it is easy to make.

You can make ths Halloween Pennant Banner bigger if you want, just change the size in Design Space.  Make one or all of them and decorate for your Halloween Party or for your house or classroom.

What you will need

        • Cardstock for the pennants (orange)
        • various scraps of cardstock
        • Pen
        • glue
Paper Selection

The pennants should really be orange or a patterned paper.  Black cardstock is just too dark but some of the pennants (like the mice or the potions) could be black.  I used a glow in the dark paper that I can’t remember where I bought.  Use your imagination.


The cricut writes the Happy Halloween and I used the Hard Candy font so it filled in.  If you want more info on fill in fonts with cricut see the post here.

I combined all the little pieces on one mat.  To see how to do that watch my video.

Play Video

Separate all the embellishment pieces for each pennant so that you can keep them straight.  First glue the pieces together.  Next assemble the pennants.  Liquid glue works best here because they are awfully small parts.

The holes in the corner of the pennants work great for attaching them together.  You can use grommets or brads or just hang them on a ribbon or string.  They also look good as individual pieces.

Halloween Pennant Banner

Halloween Treat Pillows kids will love

I know it is only July, but if I don’t get started on Halloween and Christmas, I will never be ready.  This Halloween Treat Pillow is the first of many holiday themed projects to come.

What goblin or ghoul wouldn’t love this treat packet?  

You will need:

        • Heavy cardstock for the base
        • various scraps
        • Marker
        • Glue
        • Danken Stripes Font (See below)
Paper Selection

The paper for the base needs to pretty heavy to hold up.  I used a plain orange paper but a subtle pattern would work too.  I chose to flatten the ghost and white printer paper is fine.

Cutting the Project

I have been looking for a font that fills in and is more than a line when drawn.  I even considered making my own.  I found this font at font bundles and it does exactly what I want it to do!  It is called Danken Stripes and it is free.  Unless you make it huge, with a marker it looks like a solid letter because it draws stripes.

Print/Cut the ghosts and the cricut will do the writing.  Otherwise the project is fairly easy to cut.


Re crease the folds but wait until the project is together to fold the flaps. First glue on the ghosts.  You can use tape runner for this but make sure to get the arms.  In my examples above I didn’t get the arms at first and they stick out (or maybe you like it that way, I did.)  Glue the two inside tabs together with liquid glue and press hard until it dries.  There is a lot of stress on this bond so be generous with the glue.

Now you can fold in the curved flaps at the top and bottom. 

Your little trick or treaters will love the treats you stuff in the pillow.