Halloween Ball Luminary

This Halloween Ball turned out fantastic!  I have hints and tips and pictures of what NOT to do to make this Halloween Ball.  FYI I had to make about 4 of these before I got it all right.  You won’t have to because I’m going to warn you not to make the same mistakes I did. 

With the light inside of it this looks AMAZING!  The pictures don’t even capture how good it looks!  It takes a lot of patience to put this together but when it is done, WOW.  

And I have some pictures of what I did with the cutouts at the end.

What you will need

        • Orange and Black cardstock
        • Vellum
        • glue gun
        • regular glue
        • a small battery operated light
        • lots and lots of patience
Paper Selection

I stuck to the standard Halloween colors.  You could make this all one color, too.  Patterned paper looks nice but when it is dark and you light it up you can’t really see the pattern.  The vellum needs to be light.  I tried black vellum and it didn’t glow well.

This is fairly straight forward to cut out.  Be sure to save the cut out pieces.  Some of them are very useful for other projects.  I have some of my examples at the end of this tutorial.



This is where it gets tricky.  The first thing to do is re-crease the score lines.  Then you want to attach the vellum to the back of the circles.  The “Happy Halloween” is the only one where you have to be careful about which side at this point.  Make sure the vellum is inside the folds.  I glued the vellum with tape glue on the cardstock so that the glue isn’t visible.

Next fold the creases on each circle opposite the vellum.  I attempted to do this the other way so that the tabs tucked in.  It was a disaster.

Ball with the tabs tucked iin
Halloween ball with the tabs tucked in

You can see the gaps and uneven pieces.  If I had more patience maybe I could get it to work but that is NOT me.

Once all the pieces are creased, start gluing them together.  A glue gun is best here.  It holds firmly and quickly.  Start at the bottom and work your way up alternating colors the best you can.  Put the glue on one tab for each pair of tiles.  Be sure that they are right side up.  It matters for some others it doesn’t.  You need to keep aware of which side is up. (Yes, I had to take it apart on several occasions because something was upside down.)
When you get to the top, only glue one side of the top piece to the ball.  That gives you a hatch to insert the light.  (Yes,I glued it all down and couldn’t then insert my light.)  Don’t worry it stays down because of the tight fit.
Once your Halloween Ball is done, turn on the light and put it inside through the hatch at the top and be amazed at how wonderful it looks!  I don’t hang my Halloween Ball but it wouldn’t be hard to attach a ribbon in the side of the top that you glued.


What to do with the Cutouts

I used the cutout pieces to make cards.  Here are some of them.  They are attached to marbleized cards that I will post how to do someday.

Halloween Spiral – I Can’t Stop Making Them

This Halloween Spiral decoration is cute and fun.  And it is easy to make.   Now  I can’t stop making them.  And I found so many ways to arrange them.

You can make this Halloween Spiral bigger if you want, just change the size in Design Space but I designed it to make four per sheet.   Make a whole bunch  of them and decorate for your Halloween Party  or classroom.

Martha Stewart inspired this decoration.  I have her “tool” to cut them by hand but, as you know, I can’t cut a straight line if my life depended on it.  That’s why I own a Cricut.

What you will need

        • Cardstock 
        • glue gun
Flower from Halloween Spiral
Paper Selection

The cut file is very simple and can be cut from anything.  I have designed it so that four of the spirals can be cut from on piece of 12 X 12 cardstock.  So you are in total control of your final project.  Use your imagination.

If you use one sided paper, like the orange ones, then the white side adds more color.  But solids work too.  I really like the glitter paper and want to try vellum next.

Once they are cut, be careful taking them from the mat.  Depending on your paper they can tear easily.


Halloween Spiral Placement 2

Starting with the center cuts, join the points together in the center with a glue gun.  I tried liquid glue and it just isn’t strong enough or dry fast enough.  Then work your way out, alternating front and back until the spiral is done.  I didn’t glue them together until I made the last one below.  That way I had the ability to try different arrangements.  I have tried lots and I am trying more.  I will add them when I do.

They can be hung individually or combined in many ways, as you can see, to make a decoration

Alternating colors all glued together
Alternating colors all glued together

Halloween Ornaments Challenge

All these ornaments can be made from the same parts.  I challenge everyone to figure different ways to configure these parts to make aanother type of ornament and put a picture in the comments.

Halloween Ornaments
Halloween Ornaments

I made the file so that all of the little strips could be cut from a 8.5 X 11 sheet of cardstock.  

The ornament types I came up with are the double teardrop which I held together and the top and bottom with a brad.

Teardrop Halloween Ornament
Teardrop Halloween Ornament

The loopy ornament which is held together with a grommet.

Multi loop Halloween ornament
Multi loop Halloween ornament

And the concentric circle ornament.  I held  this one together with guess what? A brad.

Circles Halloween Ornament

Now I want to see what you can do.  The SVG  download file is right here

Post a picture of your ornament in the comments here or at my Facebook group.