Five Fold Monster Halloween Card

This Halloween monster card is really cute.  It was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest.  I changed it and made it mine.  The boy version is here.  It has stripes instead of spots and no bow.  Either card could be made for a girl or boy by changing the color of the paper used.

This monster halloween card uses a font I created myself. Read about my Fill in Fonts here.  If you don’t have my fonts yet and if you don’t change the writing at all it should work.  It was tiring with of fonts not filling in when I draw them.

What you need:

      • Very heavy cardstock for the base (Light Pink)
      • Scraps of cardstock (pink, black)
      • tape glue or liquid glue
      • Download file
      • Pen

The difficult part of this 5 fold card is the actual folding.  Once you get it folded it is amazing.

Cutting the Card

Cut out all the pieces.  The base looks best in a solid color.  Cover pieces, like the teeth, look very good with a pattern.  .  For the rest, use your imagination.  Remember, don’t change the writing or weld it and everything should stay put.  Or you could get my Fill in Fonts here


Once the base card is cut, re-score the folds with a Popsicle stick. It gets  a little tricky because some folds go all the way through and some don’t. First, tuck the inside triangles in individually.  Then fold the edges. Lastly, fold and work the card a few times to make it easier to operate.


First glue all the background triangles and panels onto the card.  Those are the darker pink and black on mine. The teeth are glued under the pink panels and hang over the edge a little.  Follow the picture to see what goes where.  Then glue the eyes and spots to the card with liquid glue.  You can use tape glue for the rest of the card if you want. 

Fold the bow ends to the center of the bow and glue them down.  Wrap the little piece around the center and glue it.  Then glue the bow to the card.  

Once the card is assembled, fold it closed and notice how the teeth  laps over the other half.  This card does’t want to stay closed so you can tie a ribbon around it or use one of the decorative bands in one of my other tutorials  or just put it in an  A2 envelope.

Your card is done.  Enjoy! Tomorrow is the boy card.  Here is a preview picture.

Closed Boy Monster Halloween Card

Lady Bug Birthday Card for Little Girls

This Lady Bug Birthday Card is sure to thrill any little lady in your life.  Tell her she is special with this movement card.  I just posted the little boy card.  It’s just bananas.  See it here.

This Lady Bug Birthday Card is simple to do.  It fits in an A2 envelope because I hate making envelopes.

You will need:

        • Heavy black cardstock for the base
        • Red Cardstock scraps
        • a grommet
        • a grommet tool
        • Pen
        • Glue

Cutting the card

Cut the card base and the cricut will do the writing.  I used a white gel pen because I love the way it looks.  If you want to change what the card says that can easily be done before cutting.  

The flowers fill in because I used the circle draw graphic (and made my own in the SVG) which colors in the designs.

The font used fills in when drawn.  To get more fill in fonts look here.  A note about fill in fonts.  If you use it in your own projects, DO NOT weld them after joining the letters.  It ruins the fill in effect.

Once all the pieces are cut out, glue the dots on the “shell”.  Line the card up with the holes matching and put a grommet through all three layers.

I used a wonderful tool called The Scraparatus by Karen Foster.  I have the amazon link to get one right here.

It will punch a hole through paper, plastic or leather and the Scraparatus does all the work for you.  

I used it to  set the grommet It can even cut the hole (but I put one in already).  I used it all the time.  It even has die sets that will cut out letters and small shapes.  I have a few but don’t use them much except for holes.  But the most impressive thing, in my opinion is setting grommets of any size.

If you don’t have one use a paper punch and tie a ribbon or put a brad in the hole.

And the card is done. As I said it fits in an A2 envelope.  

Make sure that little lady know you remembered her birthday.  Come back tomorrow for the little boy card.  Here is the little boy card