Large Paper Rose

I found this large paper rose when I was trying flowers for flower week  few months ago, but I could never figure out how it went together.  Well I did it!  And wow is it beautiful.  

Keeping with the new blade theme, I also made it with the wavy blade and it turned out beautiful too. (Only the petals are cut wavy.)  The finished paper rose is about 6 inches across.  Actually, making it bigger is a little easier. The difficult part is putting this flower together.

What you will need:
          • 2 sheets cardstock for the petals
          • liquid glue 
          • glue gun
          • scrap of green cardstock
          • Optional:  wavy blade and cricut maker
          • Download File
          • Lots and lots of patience
Cutting the Flower

The paper rose can be cut from any color or patterned cardstock. I cut them all from plain paper, but you can cut them from patterned paper if you want. The leaves really should stay green since this is a distinctive characteristic of flowers.  Your imagination is your only other limit.

The petals at this size will take 2 pieces of cardstock and it should be 2 sided cardstock.  

If you want the wavy petals just use the wavy design space file or change the SVG file  petals to wavy once it is uploaded.  You will need the maker and the wavy blade to make the wavy version.

This is not an easy flower to put together.  The bigger you make it though, the easier it is.  Firstly, glue the petals.  Overlap the two pieces on the ends.  This is very important, and I will tell you why in a minute.  The finished petal should look like this:
Glued petal of the paper rose

When you have all 15 petals glued, set them aside and let them dry.  


Making the Flower Center

First get the weird shaped piece with only 2 cut lines in it.  This is the center of the flower.  Roll it several times to get it accustomed to being rolled.  Hold it just the way it appears in the file, with the little hump to the left.  Wrap that piece so that the right side (the big hump) is rolled inside and put the tab through the slot furthermost away from it.  Then wrap the other end all the way around and insert the tab in the other slot.  It should look like this when done:

Attaching Petals

If you count them the other weird piece has 15 horizontal slits and one diagonal larger slit.  I bet you already realize that the petals go through these 15 slots.  First roll the piece with the slits to relax the paper.  Then make sure all the slits are cut all the way through.  Sometimes the Cricut may not cut all the way through.  Stick a pointy tool through them to make sure.

Start at the top with the smaller petals and work your way down.  Insert the glued end through the slit.  This is why you needed to glue them just right, so they would go through the slit.  When you are done it should look like this

You can glue the tabs down with some liquid glue after all the petals are inserted but you don’t have to.  I really really recommend that you glue them.  Use a glue gun if necessary.  Don’t glue them until you are done inserting ALL the petals because you could accidentally glue a slit closed.

Rolling the flower

Now you can roll the flower up with the section with no petals on the inside.  Put some glue on the tab and put it through the big slot.  The other center piece you made goes in the center.

The green piece is wrapped around the base and the tab fits in the slot.  This is not that easy and you may have to fudge it a little and squeeze the bottom of the flower.  With the glue gun, glue the flap over the bottom of the flower.

Once everything is attached and you are sure the glue will hold, bend the flower petals and leaves out and curl the ends if you want.  (I liked them as is so I didn’t.)

And your paper rose is done!

I have to give special thanks to Janis at Her Paper Element.  Her video tutorial taught me how to make these flowers.  I changed her instructions a bit because I found an easier way. But if you want to see her video, it is here.  Warning it is 26 minutes long and all the kids and phone noise is annoying.

A Beginners First Project: Poinsettia Wreath

This poinsettia wreath is a beginner first project designed to get you familiar with your machine.  If you don’t like the layout change it to however you want.  Just don’t be afraid to try it.

This poinsettia wreath is designed to hang on the wall. But you can put under a candle or attach them to another Christmas decoration.  I just wanted to design a project that would get the beginners to take their machines out of the box and make something.

What you will need

Paper Selection

Poinsettias come in various shades of red, white and pink.  But use any colors you want.  Glitter and patterned paper would work and any weight paper works well.


The first step to making a project is to hit the “Make it” button in the software.  It will take you to a page that looks like this:


You can look at each mat by clicking on it on the left.

The cricut lays the flowers out in its own way. But you can change the position or rotation of the flowers to save paper.  To see how to do that watch my video.

Play Video

Once the layout is how you want it, load the mat into your machine.  Do this by hitting the arrows button on the machine.  The mat only loads two ways, with the little cut out at the top or the bottom. 

Then hit the continue button in the right corner.  It will take you to a page that will let you select the paper, tell you the tools you will need, and get you ready to make the project. It looks sort of like this (my page may look slightly different because I have selected some of my favorite papers ):


If you have the Air machine, I would keep the materials dial set to custom materials. This is so you have to choose your material each time.  The maker makes you choose by default.

When you are ready press the C button on your machine and it will cut the mat.  When it is done unload the mat by pressing the arrow button on your machine. Take the cutouts and extra paper off the mat. Load the next color paper and repeat the above steps until all your mats are cut.

Once all your pieces are cut, build the poinsettias by putting a small one on top of a large one.  Glue them together.  There should be 8 total.  Attach a leaf to each one then stack them on the green base circle, gluing each one down once you are happy with the arrangement.

And your Christmas Poinsettia Wreath is done and you made your first project!  Now try another.

Flower Mandala – Coloring with Paper

I was going to post this Flower Mandala last week as part of Flower Week, but I was so excited by the other flowers I forgot I had it.  So I will post it this week.

Pink Flower Mandala made by coloring with paper
Flower Mandala

Once you are sure you understand the basics, download the Flower Mandala  SVG File.  The instruction sheet in the download file explains how to upload it to Design Space.


You will need:


Cut the outline from black cardstock.  Do not make the file any smaller than 5 inches tall or the black lines get too thin.  This makes the flower Mandala a good size for cards and scrapbook pages.

Stick the outline to the contact paper and re-cover it with the protective backing paper.

Cut out the flower in whatever colors you want.  You should stick to the same color family but you can use vellum, patterned paper or glitter paper with your solid colors.  Just fill them in however you want.

Watch my video on cutting different colors on the same mat.

Play Video

Start placing the various pieces on the flower mandala with the tweezers. 


When all the open spaces are filled, check to make sure all the paper is secure.  Press the protective sheet over everything and press sorta hard.  Anything that seems loose, glue down with the liquid glue and let dry for at least 30 minutes.

Finally, with scissors cut around the outside leaving as much of the outside black line as you can.

Use the mandala as you like. I plan to make it the centerpiece of a future scrapbook page.