Another Teacher Appreciation Card

It is back to school time and teachers need to know they are important too.  Show your childs Teacher appreciation for all they do with this card and add a little humor to their day.

I made this corner stand up card with some old paper I had laying around but the rainbows worked out beautiful.  It was just regular printer paper. Just goes to show that you can use anything when making cards.  I moved the parts around the mat to get the parts of the paper I wanted.

You will need:

        • Heavy cardstock for the base
        • patterned paper
        • Pen
        • Glue
Cutting the File

The cricut will do all the writing.  I used a black gel pen.

To line up where on the page to cut your parts so that you get the effect you want is easy.  I wanted the rainbow from my paper. To do this you need to print or cut the design out of plain paper.  

Rainbow paper
The paper I wanted
The parts I wanted to cut
Parts to cut

Then lay them over the patterned paper where you want.  Measure from the top corner where you placed your parts.  Then when you go to cut on the patterned paper move the parts to where they are on your pattern.  For instance if you want the rainbows arrange the parts on your paper and then make the mat look like the pattern.

Parts lined up where I wanted to cut them
Parts Lined up

When the cutting is finished, re-crease the lines and make sure the card folds properly.  Glue all the embellishments in the proper place.  Fold the empty square under the other square and glue it lightly.

I never figured out how to put this card in an envelope so that the reciepient would understand how to put it together so I guess I will have to give it to Cordelia’s Teacher assembled.  It does fit in a square envelope though if you can figure it out.  And if you do please tell me.

Teacher Appreciation Card

Your kids aren’t the only ones going back to school.  Teachers are underpaid, over worked and not appreciated enough.  Tell them that you understand with this Teacher Appreciation card.  Teachers do it because of love.  They have to love it, who would spend that much time with someone else’s kids if they didn’t love it?

When my daughter was in elementary school. I would give the teachers a gift card at Christmas.  Not one of them spent the money on themselves.  They bought things for the classroom.  This Teacher Appreciation card will tell them you understand their sacrifice.  You can use this card anytime during the year.

You will need:

        • Heavy cardstock for the base
        • scraps of cardstock
        • Pen
        • Glue
Cutting the Card

The cricut will do the writing.  I used a black pen.  

This card looks good with patterned paper too as long as it is a light and/or a small pattern.  I did it in pink because Cordelia’s favorite teacher is female.  The color choice is yours.  Use your imagination.

I tried to do a card band, but the way this card folds, it didn’t work.  I really liked the apple though so I glued it to the front of the card.  You can leave it out if you want.

Be careful removing the embellishments from the mat.  They tear easily.


After cutting, re-crease the folds and make sure the card works properly.  This design is called a Twisted Gatefold Card, so it folds a little skewed.

First glue the inlays in the card, being careful to avoid the folds.  Next glue the ribbons on with liquid glue.  If you use the apple piece make sure it is glued only to one side of the front of the card or the card wont open.


Your card is done!  I’m sure the teacher will love this Teacher Appreciation Card.