Thanksgiving Twirl Card

I LOVE this Thanksgiving Twirl Card!  It is my favorite card I have ever made.  I was inspired by something I saw on HSN Craft Day.  I think is was Crafter Companion but I saw other people do cards like this too.

This is the last of my Thanksgiving projects this year and I definitely saved the best for last.  You have got to make this Thanksgiving Twist card for someone.

You will need:

        • Heavy cardstock for the base
        • various scraps of cardstock
        • String (at least 6 inches long)
        • Pen
        • Glue 
        • glue gun for attaching the string
        • Download File

Paper Selection

I made this card from plain paper but you could use patterned paper if you want.  This card is so impressive it doesn’t need fancy paper though.

I used a black pen but you could use any color that shows up on the paper.  Maybe try using the foiling pens to write in the card.

Cutting the card
This card is fairly easy to cut.  Be careful with the small pieces.  They tear easily.
I moved the pieces around to save paper and combined some colors together on one mat.  To see how to do this watch my video.
Play Video

First you want to re-crease all the folds.  Then you want to attach the string. 

Lay the string  vertically across the large oval hole in the center section of the card.  You want it to extend beyond the ends of the card.  We will trim it in a minute.  Attach the string at the top and bottom with a glue gun.  Use only a little glue.  Pull the string tight before the glue hardens.  Trim off the extra string so that it is shorter than the card.

Next, fold over the oval sections of the card and  glue the sections together with the string inside.  You can use liquid glue for this.  Wait for that glue to dry before continuing.

Glue the writing, leaves, oval frames and acorns to the card.  Follow the picture to see where they go.  Glue a pilgrim to each of the center ovals but don’t attach the ovals to the card yet.

Making the Card Twirl

Turn one of the pilgrim ovals upside down and center it under the string.  Then put glue on the back of the other pilgrim and stick the ovals together with the string between them.  Make sure you line them up properly.

Let the glue dry completely before trying this step.  Wind the string with the pilgrims on either side a few times (7 or 8 at least) and close the card.  When you open the card the pilgrims will spin.

The card fits in an A2 envelope for mailing.  Be sure to wind the string before putting it in the envelope!


Turkey Wrap Around Centerpiece

Add this Turkey Wrap Around Centerpiece to your Thanksgiving table to add color and a little whimsey.  It will wrap around anything to accent it.

It is easy to make fit around a candle or vase  just make the wrap around a little longer by adding some extra length on to the wrap around piece.  I will tell you how below.

What you will need

Paper Selection

I used a textured paper for the turkey.  It really needs to be brown and a solid color.  I made the veins on the feathers gold and the feathers themselves orange and red.  You could use patterns or glitter paper for any of these part.  You could even make all the feathers a different color.  Use your imagination or have it match the colors on your table.


This is very easy to cut.  Just watch the little pieces.  I lost the buttons three times.

If you want to make the turkey wrap around longer to fit around something, first measure how long it needs to be.  Then add about an inch for the overlap.  The original is 9.5 inches long so subtract that from the total and divide that number in half.  Now, in design space make a square 2.75 inches high and however long you calculated.  Put one at each end of the wrap around piece (the ones with the wing cutouts) with a small overlap, align them to the bottom and weld.  It should be long enough now.

I combined all the little pieces on one mat.  To see how to do that watch my video.

Play Video
Attach the veins to the feathers.  They are all different shapes so make sure you have the right vein and the right feather and attach them to the tail feather piece.  Attach the other embellishments to the front turkey piece.
Form the ring with the piece with the wing cutouts around whatever you are wrapping it around and glue.  Attach the front turkey to the frond of the ring.  Crease and join the cut ends of the tail feather piece so that it curves inward slightly and attach the tail to the back of the ring.  Below is a picture with the turkey center piece around a glass.

Your Turkey Wrap Around Centerpiece is done.

Coloring Thanksgiving Place Cards

Your kids need something to do Thanksgiving morning.  Why not have them color these adorable Thanksgiving place cards.

They can easily be personalized to match your family.  And Timmy and Suzy will be helping to get dinner ready without being underfoot.

What you will need

Paper Selection

The Thanksgiving place cards need to be a solid color.  A light pattern might work.  You cannot use glitter or foiled paper.  The crayon doesn’t show up.


The cricut draws everything on the place cards so this is a really easy project. You can easily just change the names to whatever suits your family.  I used a font called Bubble Double from Creative Fabrica. I have a membership there so it was free.  Any bubble type font can be used though.


There really is nothing to assemble.  Just re-crease the folds and they are done.

All the Thanksgiving Place cards