Tell Them Happy Birthday With This Frames Card

This Happy Birthday Frames Card tells that special person that you remembered their birthday and cared enough to hand make a card for them.  Who wouldn’t be thrilled by that?

This Happy Birthday Frames Card is only classified as intermediate because of all the little pieces that must be layered.  Otherwise it is fairly simple to make.  This is the January Patreon Card for The Crazy Cricut Lady.  The tutorial is free but to download the design you will need to first become a patreon supporter of The Crazy Cricut Lady site.  This is completely separate from my site membership and does cost $1 per month.  That helps me keep the rest of this site free and allows me to help pay for the site.  One project per month is posted on my patreon site but you get access to all past projects when you join and help support this site.  Consider joining my patreon supporters now.

You will need:
        • Heavy 2 sided cardstock for the base
        • Various Cardstock scraps
        • Pen
        • Glue
        • Download File (this file can only be downloaded from Patreon)
Paper Selection

This frames card uses only four colors but they are rotated through the design to look like more.  You can use any colors you want.  The base card doesn’t need to be made out of two sided paper but if you do the cover layer (the smaller of the blue rectangles) doesn’t need to be cut.  Just hide it on the layers menu by clicking the little eyeball next to it.  It doesn’t need to be heavy weight because of the frame lattice that strengthens the card.  Try some patterns if you want, but don’t use too many.  It would get confusing.  I used a variegated yellow for the lattice.

Cutting the Birthday Frames Card

This card includes lots of little pieces.  They can tear when removing them from the mat, so be careful.  It helps to use a mat that is very sticky.  This helps weed the little pieces.  And you may need to cut twice to make sure everything is cut through.  You can do this by pressing the C on your machine BEFORE removing the mat.  I do this often with intricate cuts.

I started gluing the layered pieces together as I was done cutting them.  It helps when keeping track of all the little pieces.

Assembling the Birthday Frames Card

Start by re-creasing the fold line on the base card and the inside lattice.  Glue the two lattices to the card.  If you cut the front panel, glue the smaller lattice to it then glue the panel to the front of the card. Sort the light purple overlays by size and attach them to the lattices.  This can be a little difficult, so I would lay them out first to make sure they are in the right sized place before gluing them.

Next you want to assemble the layers of all the cut out pieces.  Look at the pictures above if you have questions.  The cake is particularly challenging.  Once all the pieces are together, glue them to the overlays on the card.  Again, the pictures above can help.  Each graphic is particularly sized to fit a specific frame.

And your Birthday Frames Card is done!   It fits into an A7 envelope for mailing.

Birthday Fun Facts
  • Historians believe that the first people to celebrate birthdays were the Romans.
  • Ancient Egyptians used candles during coronations, which were held to raise the status of humans to gods.  This may be where the tradition of birthday candles started.
  •  In China, a newborn is considered age 1. Thus, a 1-year-old in the West, as well as most other parts of the world, would be aged 2 years in China.
  • More people have a birthday in August than any other month. HMMM Wonder why?  It may be the weather 9.5 months earlier or a biological yearning.  No one knows
  • Throughout the world, every single year, 2 billion + birthday cards are sent

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