Thanksgiving Easel Card

This Thanksgiving Easel Card is a another attempt to accentuate Thanksgiving.  I posted a shadowbox card  yesterday too.  Two hidden messages which revel themselves once you pull the tab at the top, add an element of surprise. 

A card Anna Griffin presented on HSN Craft Day inspired this card, but I altered the design to include a flap so the card could open and shut along with the slider.  The card fits nicely in an A7 envelope.

What you need:
      • Very heavy cardstock for the base (brown)
      • Scraps of cardstock (shades of brown)
      • liquid glue
      • Download file
      • Pen (white)
Paper Selection

I found an embossed pack of cardstock at Michael’s and just had to create with it.  The dark brown base was perfect.  You can change the colors or use patterned paper but try to keep to traditional Thanksgiving colors.

Cutting the Card

Print and cut everything out. The back of the brown embossed paper was white but that fit in nicely.  The writing on the slider was done in white. The text font is CMV Sirius, one of my own fonts.  You can find out more about my fonts here.

Be very careful removing all the pieces from the mat as they tear easily.

I put all the little parts on one mat by combining mats.


Watch my video on cutting different colors on the same mat.

Play Video
Assembling the Thanksgiving Easel Card

Once the base card is cut, re-score the folds with a Popsicle stick.  First, fold the base card  in half at the cut line.  I made the base card and main parts from brown and orange to help you see the assembly.

Then put the easel slider through the cut line now at the top of the base card, inside the card, with the larger end at the bottom.  

Then glue the small rectangle to the inside of the card under the easel slider. Next, glue the small section of the flap on the top layer of the base card to the pull tab at the wide end.  Make sure the large end of the slider hangs outside the flap.

Now glue the base card shut. When you do, be sure to leave enough space for the slider to move.  Glue about 1/4 inch around each edge. That is roughly to the outside of the “orange “rectangle.  The slider will not pull out of the card because of the width of the cut at the top. Work the slider a few times to make sure it is free to move.

Finishing The Card

With liquid glue, put the embellishments together using the picture of the finished card as a guide.  Make sure to spread  the liquid glue to all the edges.   

Attach the embellishments on the easel with foam tape so that it adds some dimension to the card.  Make sure that the embellishments do not go below the fold at the bottom and are not attached anywhere above the middle fold or the easel will not work properly.  

Your Thanksgiving Easel Card is done.  Enjoy!

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