Thanksgiving Peek A Boo Card So Cute!

This Thanksgiving Peek a Boo Card changes pictures when you open it like magic.  Make this card for friends and family that you can’t see this Thanksgiving. They will LOVE it.

This card is no substitute for being there but you are keeping those you miss safe this year.  The finished size of this card in 6 in X 6 in so if you can’t find envelopes this size you will have to make your own.  Luckily I teach you how to do that here.

What you need:
Paper Selection

The paper for the base of this Thanksgiving Peek a Boo card needs to be at least 100 lb weight and two sided.  It moves quite a bit and needs to be strong enough.  The overlays would look great in a patterned paper but make sure that the pen shows up on it.  The rest of the papers can be any weight and you can experiment with colors but I would stick with fall colors.

Cutting Out the Thanksgiving Peek a Boo Card

Cutting this card is fairly simple.  The assembly is more difficult.  The Cricut will draw the pictures on the front and the writing inside the card.  I used a brown marker but you can use any pen in your Cricut.  See the trick here.

I used one of my own fonts, CMV Zebra to make this card.  I was frustrated that thicker fonts wouldn’t fill in, so I made my own.  Find out about fill in fonts here.

The gold foil cut out frames are optional, but I think they add a little class to this card.  The turkey and squirrel have little parts, so be careful you don’t lose them.  Several parts are very thin and you need to take care when removing them from the mat.


As mentioned earlier this card is a little tricky to assemble.  First, the easy parts, glue the overlays and oval frames to the appropriate parts of the base card.  Make sure you line up the ovals.  Each cover piece will only fit properly to one of the base pieces.

Before starting to glue the base card together, re-crease all the folds.  Then glue the piece with no cover and the small 1/4 inch crease to the back of the piece with the two ovals only at the small area. See the picture below.

Next Glue the piece with the one oval to the back of other side of the piece with two ovals making sure to line up the ovals.

Fold the smaller section over to behind the other oval.  It won’t cover that second oval.  Then fold the back of the card over with the small section in between the parts of the card.  This picture is from the Father’s Day Peek A Boo card I did last year.

Put glue between the back of the card and the ovals, but do not go past the ovals.  This helps  hold the card together but does not impede the “slider.”

Glue the the turkey and the squirrel to the card inside the ovals.  You can see them on the above pictures.  Press hard to seal all the glue.  Lastly, work the card a few times to make sure that everything is lined up properly.  During opening one picture should slide over the other covering it up.


And your Thanksgiving Peek a Boo Card is done.  Enjoy!  If you need an envelope either buy a 6 X 6 envelope or make your own folling the instructions here.

Fun Facts about Squirrels
  • Squirrels can find food under a foot of snow
  •  A squirrel’s front teeth never stop growing.
  • A newborn squirrel is about a inch long
  • Squirrels are very intelligent.  Ever seen a squirrel get into a bird feeder?
  • Food squirrels don’t retrieve result in new trees, so they are great environmentalists.

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