Envelope Style Pages for the Memory Book

Here are the next three pages for the memory book.  They are envelope style pages containing trinkets or photos.  Have you finished your Memory Book spine and cover yet? These pages are shown in the three different color schemes that I picked.

The first page holds photos in a small photo gallery.  The other pages can hold photos but they can also hold trinkets like tickets,. ribbons or flattened pennies.  Decorate the outsides of the envelope style pages with whatever you have in your craft room or the leftover hearts from these pages.

What you Need:
  • Cardstock from your color scheme
  • Glue
  • Repositionable tape glue to hold the envelopes closed
  • Various pictures and trinkets
  • Download Files
Keeping the Colors Straight with Different Color Schemes

I suggested before on the other pages for the memory book that you choose your color palette. 

The download files use four basic colors, white, pink, blue and purple.  I suggest you keep them consistent throughout the whole project so I developed my method to keep them straight.  When working on the purple or brown color scheme pages, I took a little piece of all four colors (white is white) and wrote on them which color they represented. This way if I am doing a page on a different day, I can remember what I was doing.

Choosing the Paper for the Envelope Style Pages

 I selected three different color palettes and everyday I will show the pages in all three.  The paper doesn’t have to be heavy, 65 lb weight will do.  I would stay away from pattern on everything but the base page but it takes quite a few sheets so make sure you have enough.

Cutting the Envelope Style Pages

These pages are fairly easy to cut.  Some of the pieces are small and intricate so be careful taking them off the mat.

I used a black pen for all the drawing.  If you choose another color just make sure it shows up on your color palette. 

Assembling the Photo Gallery Page

This page is pretty straight forward to make. First re crease all the folds.  Next glue the photo pages inside each other using the thin middle area as a binding.  Be careful not to use too much glue or the pages won’t turn properly.  Then glue the pages to the cover at the end with the curved end.  Alternately you can glue the back of the photo pages to the back of the cover.  Close the cover and make sure the catch on the straight edge works.  Finally glue the cover to the center of the base page.

You can open the cover when the glue is dry and put pictures on the pages.  Then glue the base page into the memory book.  Make sure you glue it as far in as you can to cover the writing (Xs and Os) if you are gluing it to a base page.

Assembling the Envelope Style Pages

These pages both assemble the same.  First re crease all the folds and assemble the embellishments.  Fold the envelope closed but don’t glue anything yet.  With a light pencil trace where the sides of the envelopes meet the bottom.  Put glue on inside these pencil lines.  When the glue is dry you can erase any lines that show.

Glue on the embellishments to the top flap of the closed envelope only.  Put some repositionable tape on the bottom half of the embellishment so it will hold the envelope closed but pull open easily.  Fill the envelopes with trinkets or pictures that fit the theme of the memory book and remind everyone of an event or destination.

And the envelope style pages are done.  To put them into the Memory Book glue it to the inside cover or to a white base page.  Make sure you glue it as far in as you can to cover the writing (Xs and Os) if you are gluing it to a base page.

You can see all the Memory Book tutorials here.

Tommorow we will have some More complicated Pages like this one:

Twist and flip page with pictures

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