The Impossible Fold Birthday Card

This card is called the Impossible Fold card because it appears to have no way to flatten the card and fill in all the holes.  It really isn’t so impossible if you know the secret.  I will show you how to make it.

This card’s final size is 5.5 inches by 7.3 inches and fits into an A9 sized envelope for mailing.

You will need:
Paper Selection

I found this wonderful heart patterned paper for the overlays for this impossible fold card.  The base card needs to be heavier paper (110 lb. wt.) but this patterned paper is lighter and that is OK.  Also, the base card does absolutely have to be two sided and works better if it is the same solid color on both sides.  

Cutting the Impossible Fold card

Cut the card base and the Cricut will do the drawing.  The only drawing is the balloon strings on the overlays.  The cake is a print/cut image.  If you need help with print then cut, you can find a tutorial on that subject here.  One hint that helps me is to put a piece of scotch tape over the guide lines so that the Cricut will recognize them better.

Assembling the Impossible Fold Card

This one is real easy to make.  Start by re-creasing the fold line.  The trick to this card is simple.  Flip the right side panel over.  That’s it.  once that panel is flipped over, the center piece stands up and the impossible fold is complete.  This is why the paper for the base card needs to be two sided with the same color on both sides.

To finish the card, first glue the overlays to the base card.  Then attach the cake to the center piece.  Next attach the side pieces with the balloons to each side.  Notice that the right one only fits once that side is inverted.  Then attach the Happy Birthday to the thin rectangle.  With the center folded back, glue that rectangle between both sides so that it holds the card in the proper shape.


And your Impossible Fold Birthday Card is done!  See it isn’t so impossible after all.  The card fits in an A9 envelope for mailing, or you can make your own custom envelope by following the instructions here.

Birthday Fun Facts
  • Historians believe that the first people to celebrate birthdays were the Romans.
  • Ancient Egyptians used candles during coronations, which were held to raise the status of humans to gods. 
  • The Greeks thought that the smoke from blown-out candles lifted prayers and wishes to the tops of Mount Olympus.
  • In China, a newborn is considered age 1. Thus, a 1-year-old in the West, as well as most other parts of the world, would be aged 2 years in China.
  • Mildred and Patty Hill, wrote the lyrics to Happy Birthday to You.

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