The Most Wonderful Way To Organize Vinyl

I don’t often find a product that I love enough to write a whole post about.  But this hanging vinyl organizer is a game changer. They are two sided. One side holds up to 24 rolls and the back has pockets to hold sheets! WOW!! You must get one of these!

They hang on the wall and the roll holder side holds 24 rolls.  The other side has pockets big enough to hold 12 X 12 sheets.  I have 3 and I am going to get another!  One holds HTV, one holds permanent vinyl and the third will hold rolls of removeable.  Then sheets are stored in the pockets one with the paperwork or instructions tucked in.  I have some heat reactive vinyl that I will be posting about next week.

Where  To Get These organize Vinyl Wonders

Where did I get these little wonders?  HYVRont.  The link will take you to the page where you can order one (or more) for $25.99.  Or if you buy a lot of vinyl consider a membership.  Here is a link to tell you more about the membership.  For $120 you get a 100 gift certificate and a free membership gift every time you order.  And yes the vinyl holder is one of the gifts you can choose!

Amazon has a similar product here.  I don’t own one so I am not sure the quality but it is one sided and only holds rolls.  But it is much cheaper.

How To Hang The Organize Vinyl Wonders

They hang on the wall and have a very low profile.  They only stick out as far as the roll width.  I hung mine in a hall way and didn’t obstruct traffic at all.  They do require an anchor in the wall because 24 rolls of vinyl are pretty heavy.  But mine hang on a sheetrock wall with the anchor and no problems.  You could put sheets in one side and rolls in the other but that would require flipping it around and at that price (or free if a member) I just got another.

I am an affiliate and do get a commission but it doesn’t add to your price.

Organize Vinyl with this great product

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