The New Offset Tool and 3 Projects You Can Make

Using the new offset tool

The new offset tool is wonderful!  But it is a little tricky to use and still has some glitches.  In this four piece video series I will explain how to use it, what the difficulties are, and finally walk you through three different projects that you can now do with the offset tool.

The three projects are a welcome mat with names cut out and put in the middle, a new way to make layered mandalas and the secrets to making your own shakers.  And all using the new offset tool!  All were doable without the new offset tool but are much easier now!

I wanted the series to be a free resource for everyone.  I learned to make videos and made the series for you.  By the time you finish you will be able to use the offset tool to make your own projects.

And always remember There is Nothing to be Scared of.

Understanding the Basic Functions

It explains the basic functions of the offset tool and some of the glitches still in the tool. 

The next three videos will walk you through designing with the tool.

Play Video
Making A Welcome Mat

It walks you through designing your own welcome mat with cut out names.

Play Video
Making a Multilayered Mandala

This video walks you through making a multilayered mandala from start to finish.

Play Video
Making Shakers

This video will walk you through designing your own shakers.


Now you can use the new offset tool.  Have fun and please show me what you make by posting a picture here in the comments or in my Facebook group.

If you have any questions after watching these videos, email me or ask the question in my Facebook group.  There are a lot of very helpful people there and I am sure that one of us will answer your question!

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