The Pull Out Pages for the Memory Book

Today we are doing Pull Out Pages for the memory book.  Have you finished your Memory Book spine and cover yet? These pages are shown in the three different color schemes that I picked.

These are all pull out pages.The last two pictures show some decorations.  Did you know that the Gemini cut aluminum cans?  The flower in the Hero Pastel picture is actually a diet coke can cut with the Gemini.  

What you Need:
Keeping the Colors Straight with Different Color Schemes

Monday, while doing the cover and spine of the memory book,  I suggested you choose your color palette. 

The download files use four basic colors, white, pink, blue and purple.  I suggest you keep them consistent throughout the whole project so I developed my method to keep them straight.  When working on the purple or brown color scheme pull out pages, I took a little piece of all four colors (white is white) and wrote on them which color they represented. This way if I am doing a page on a different day, I can remember what I was doing.

Choosing the Paper For Pull Out Pages

 I selected three different color palettes and everyday I will show the pages in all three.  The paper doesn’t have to be heavy, 65 lb weight will do.

Cutting the Pull Out Pages

These pages are fairly easy to cut.  Some of the pieces are small and intricate so be careful taking them off the mat.

Assembling the Pull Out Pages
These pages all assemble the same way.  The first thing to do is glue the white piece behind the cutout piece.  Make sure to line them up properly.  You can cut off extra white if is shows around the edges.  Then you need to turn the whole piece you just glued over. 

Place the pull up card on top before you place the foam tape.  It is a good guide to where to place the foam tape so it won’t interfere with the pull out. You probably will have to cut the foam tape to make it thin enough.  Don’t do like I did and use your good scissors.  It took a scrubbie to get the foam off.

Finally turn the raised part over and center it on the page card and insert the pull out a few times to make sure it works.

Put pictures on the pull out tab and decorate the whole card with whatever you want.  These pages generate a lot of hearts as cut outs and they make good random decorations and you know the colors will match!

Finishing Up

Your pull out pages are done and ready to go in your memory book.  To put it into the Memory Book glue it to the inside cover or to a white base page.  Make sure you glue it as far in as you can to cover the writing (Xs and Os) if you are gluing it to a base page. 

You can see all the memory book tutorials here.

Tomorrow we will have some Envelope Pages to keep trinkets in like this one:

Envelope page with tickets inside

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