These Flower Bows Make Your Gifts Extra Special

These Flower bows will add that special touch to any gift!  I used the Foil Tips by Cricut in gold or silver.  Don’t just put any old bow on that special gift, put a gorgeous homemade foiled bow on it and make it extra special!

If you want to make the bows larger or smaller, you can within limits.  I went as small as four inches wide on bow 1 (2 inches wide finished size) and as big as 22 inches wide (11 inches wide finished size) but I had to use a 12 X 24 inch mat.

What you will need:
Paper Selection for the Flower Bows
Two different colors of cardstock are needed.  The top color needs to either be plain or a subtle pattern that the foil will show up on.  The green inner color needs to be two sided because you do see the inside layer.  Patterns can be used for either paper within those limits.
Cutting the Flower Bows
This is the most important section of this tutorial.  Other people may make it work other ways, but this is what works for me.  The Foil Tools works with the Maker and the Air machines.  I would only do one bow at a time  and I moved the parts around the mat to minimize the paper used.  This saves the foil used too.  


If you need to know how to move things around the mat, wathc this video.

Play Video

I made Bow 1 in gold foil set at medium and bow 2 with silver foil set at fine.  If you don’t have the foil tips you can still do this project.  Just change the drawings from foil to pen and they will be drawn instead.  If you need help using the foil tips see the tutorial here.

Assembling the Flower Bows
The hair bows are easy to assemble with a glue gun.  Liquid glue works too but you have to hold them together for a little while.  Flower bow #1 folds over into a loop with the joint in the center back.  The bow #2 has a second loop.  There is  a loop that goes around the center perpendicular to the center to hold it all together.  The bows have tails that are attached at the center back with the glue gun.  

And your Flower Bows made with the foil tool are done!
Fun Facts about Ribbons and Bows
  • The use of ribbons to embellish packaging dates back to as early as the Neolithic period, when people wove narrow strips of cloth on small portable looms.
  • Ribbons and bows rose to popularity and eventually became a versatile fashion accessory for men and women in the Victorian era.
  • Depending on your packaging, ribbons or bows can be used to bind parts of it together, or to simply embellish it for an added flair. 
  • Ribbons can be made from lace, satin, grosgrain, velvet, or taffeta, as well as in tartan, gingham patterns.

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