Things I am Tired of Seeing Everyday

There are just some Cricut posts I am tired of seeing everyday.  This rant may make some of you mad because you do it and may make some of you mad because you are tired too.  It is just my opinion.  Comment below either way.  I’d like to see how many have either opinion.

My Facebook timeline is mostly Cricut posts because I have joined many Cricut groups.  It’s my line of work.  However I see the same posts EVERY DAY.

Which Computer /Printer should I buy?

I am really tired of seeing this one!  Printers and computers almost always work with DesignSpace.  If you don’t know which to buy look at the previous posts in the group.  I bet 6 people have posted that question in the group and they all got answers.  And everyone, of course, likes their computer or printer so they tell you that.  

We. for the most part, are not computer experts.

Complainnts about Design Space Updating

OK so lately it has been updating alot, but it takes a minute and you spend at least an hour on the software.  Percentage wise the update doesn’t mean much.  And updating means at least they are trying to make it better.  They could just forget about it and it would never change.

Do you remember the days when you had to cut everything by hand?  I don’t want to go back to those days!  DesignSpace is FREE. Those other programs cost $50 or more and don’t work with your Cricut.  And when they update their software they charge you for the update.

You spent a good deal of money for your Cricut and lots on cartridges and images.  You lose access to all those images if you start using another software product.

Asking if Design Space is Having Problems
I get real tired of seeinng this one too.   I use DesignSpace everyday for several hours a day.  99% of the problems I have (and I don’t have many)are because my wifi signal is weak in my basement.  Did you check your internet connection?  I bet that is the problem.
Why do you think those of use on Facebook can help?  Contact cricut.  They at least have a chance of helping.
Asking Where to buy Vinyl or Blanks or some other thing

Again, about 6 people in every group has already asked that question.  Look through the other posts in the group.  Every post has the same answers.

Maybe I’m just cranky lately but I counted one day.  There were at least 4 people asking where to buy vinyl in the same group.  Come on folks.

I understand people need help and  to gripe but before you post look and see if someone else posted the same question.

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