Treat Boxes for Valentine’s Day

I found these heart treat boxes at Walmart and the Dollar Store.  I thought they would be perfect for kids for treat boxes for Valentine’s Day.  With a little patterned vinyl they cam out great!

The smaller boxes came 12 per pack at Walmart for about $2 and the medium hearts were a four pack at the Dollar Store.  The variegated vinyl is a paper studio vinyl I got half price at Hobby Lobby.

What you will need

        • Heart Boxes
        • Vinyl (either permanent or removable)
        • Weeding tools
        • Transfer tape (painter’s tape)
        • Download File
Vinyl Selection

You could use solid vinyl on these but I had some really neat verigated vinyl I got on sale at Hobby Lobby so I used it.  The designs are very small and some of them didn’t weed easily but I made them work.  I cut them all on a 4 inch strip of vinyl so you don’t need much.

Weeding Vinyl

You will need a pick and a light source.  To read more about working with vinyl read my vinyl tutorial here.   As I said before, these designs are very small so they are a little harder to weed.

There really is no “trick” to weeding.  You get better at it the more you do.  And some projects go better than others.  

Assembling the Treat Boxes for Valentines

The smallness of the designs makes them easy to transfer with painter’s tape.  Just layer the tape and cover each design then pull the tape off the carrier sheet and stick them to the boxes.

The boxes are slightly curved, but the smallness of the designs makes it easy to get to the vinyl to lay flat.  If you get a wrinkle just work it flat after you take the tape off.

Your treat boxes for Valentines are done!

I filled the boxes with small candy hearts and they make wonderful little gifts for kids.  Actually Cordelia gave a bigger  one to her boyfriend and I gave the smaller ones to my classmates in my Thursday pain class.  They loved them!

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