Triple Heart Easel Card

This Triple Heart Easel Card looks complicated but it isn’t.  It is the perfect card for a beginner who wants something that looks complicated.

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I Love this card.  It says exactly what I wanted to say to Ken on our Anniversary.  You can also use this card for anniversaries, Mother’s Day or birthdays.  Tell someone you love them with this simple card.  The card fits in a A10 envelope.

You will need:

        • 2 pieces of 12 X 12 heavy cardstock for the base
        • Scrap pieces of cardstock
        • Glue
        • Small piece of foam tape
Cutting this Card

I used a piece of double sided Cricut paper.  The paper doesn’t have to be two sided but it looks better that way.  It does need to be fairly heavyweight though.  

The color scheme is up to you.  Use whatever colors you want.


Once the cards are cut re-crease all the fold lines.  Then glue each single heart to the double heart that is the same size.  Be careful to only glue the single heart below the fold line on the double heart.  If you glue above the fold line the easel won’t work properly.

Next attach the letters to the top of each piece.  The tiny heart is attached inside the smallest heart with a little piece of foam tape about 1 inch above the point.  This acts as a stopper to the small heart easel.

The most difficult part of this card was deciding how much space to put between the hearts.  But I am going to give you my measurements. 

The easiest way to do this is open all the hearts and lay them on top of each other back sides up with the smallest heart on the bottom.  The bottom of the smallest heart is glued inside the middle heart 1.25 inches below the point on the middle heart.  The middle heart is glued inside the large heart 2 inches below the point on the large heart.  Be sure to glue the hearts almost all the way to the middle fold on the smaller heart.

The inside point (at the top of the heart) of each heart acts a the stopper to the larger heart behind it.  Here is a picture of the side view so you can see how they go together.


Side view of triple Heart Easel Card

As I said earlier the tiny heart is the stopper for the small heart.

And your Triple Heart Easle Card is done!  Enjoy.

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