Turkey Wrap Around Centerpiece

Add this Turkey Wrap Around Centerpiece to your Thanksgiving table to add color and a little whimsey.  It will wrap around anything to accent it.

It is easy to make fit around a candle or vase  just make the wrap around a little longer by adding some extra length on to the wrap around piece.  I will tell you how below.

What you will need

Paper Selection

I used a textured paper for the turkey.  It really needs to be brown and a solid color.  I made the veins on the feathers gold and the feathers themselves orange and red.  You could use patterns or glitter paper for any of these part.  You could even make all the feathers a different color.  Use your imagination or have it match the colors on your table.

Cutting the Turkey Wrap Around Centerpiece

This is very easy to cut.  Just watch the little pieces.  I lost the buttons three times.

If you want to make the turkey wrap around longer to fit around something, first measure how long it needs to be.  Then add about an inch for the overlap.  The original is 9.5 inches long so subtract that from the total and divide that number in half.  Now, in design space make a square 2.75 inches high and however long you calculated.  Put one at each end of the wrap around piece (the ones with the wing cutouts) with a small overlap, align them to the bottom and weld.  It should be long enough now.

I combined all the little pieces on one mat.  To see how to do that watch my video.

Play Video
Attach the veins to the feathers.  They are all different shapes so make sure you have the right vein and the right feather and attach them to the tail feather piece.  Attach the other embellishments to the front turkey piece.
Form the ring with the piece with the wing cutouts around whatever you are wrapping it around and glue.  Attach the front turkey to the frond of the ring.  Crease and join the cut ends of the tail feather piece so that it curves inward slightly and attach the tail to the back of the ring.  Below is a picture with the turkey center piece around a glass.

Your Turkey Wrap Around Centerpiece is done.

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