Twisted Uncle Gnomey Fourth of July Card

This Twisted Gnome of the Free Card introduces a new gnome! Uncle Gnomey joins the Crazy Cricut Lady family of gnomes to say happy Fourth of July to you and yours!  See some of the other gnomes here.

The finished size of this card is 6 X 6 inches.  I found that size envelope once but never again.  If you can’t find one, you can make one using my custom envelope tutorial here.

You will need:
Paper Selection for the Fourth of July Card

Since you see both sides of the paper of the base card either two sided or solid colored paper is needed for the base card.  Everything else can be whatever color you want as long as you can see the writing, but really, I would stick with red white and blue.  Uncle Gnomey’s nose can be made in red or blue if you want, but I had some flesh tone out so I just made it from that.

Cutting the Uncle Gnomey Fourth of July Card
Cut the card base and the Cricut will do the writing.  I used a blue pen because it fit the theme.  I used a font called Dear John which is an Access font but any thin line font will do.  
The parts for Uncle Gnomey are small and I used the blue stars cut from the hat on the red tie on his beard.  Be careful not to loose the small parts.
A Quick Word About Access

All the images in this project are Cricut Access images.  Most of my projects include Cricut Access images because I know that everyone using Design Space can get those images.  And if you are an Access member, you can use them for free.  There are other benefits for having Access, like Access member only sales, a 10% discount at Cricut and free shipping.  See them here.  Or you can just click this link to sign up for Access.  

After December, Cricut will start limiting the number of uploads and possibly the number of categories you can have if you don’t have Access.  And if this works to increase the subscription rate, I bet more things will be “Access Members Only.”  Think about signing up now because it IS really worth $10 per month and it will probably go up after December for new subscribers.

Folding and Assembly
Start by re creasing all the fold lines.  Then fold along the long diagonal line.  The short fold line now is the center of the card fold.  The inserts are easier to place on the folded card but I included this unfolded diagrams so that you could see and check the overlay layout.

Start with the front and place the red overlays (one triangle and one pennant shape).  Then put the white overlays, centered, on top of the red ones.  Attach the blue and white star outline in the corner of the triangle.

Then open the card.  Attach the triangle and the pennant sections like you did on the front.  Next assemble the Uncle Gnomey.  See the pictures if you need help.  And remember,  the stars cut from the hat are used on the ribbon tie for the beard.

Attach the two blue stars and white outlines as shown in the pictures.

And your Twisted Uncle Gnomey Forth of July Card is done.

Fun Facts About Uncle Sam
  • Uncle Sam was first featured on a poster during World War I . 
  • Citizenship and duty went together with Uncle Sam.
  • Uncle Sam is based on a real person named Samuel Wilson, who lived in Troy, New York. 
  • Uncle Sam became the nickname for the US Federal Government in 1813.
  • In 1916, James Montgomery Flagg drew his own version of Uncle Sam, wearing a tall top hat, blue jacket, and was pointing straight at the viewer.
  • In 1917 Flagg’s Uncle Sam reappeared as a poster with the caption “I Want You.” 
  • Uncle Sam has become one of the most iconic images in American politics

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