Two Wonderful Incire Flowers

Incire or Lace Paper Art Incire Flowers looks amazing and can be used as embellishments for scrapbook pages as well as cards.  Some are quite detailed and intricate like the first one and some are more open like the second.  Some of my other incire projects are here.

They are quite beautiful.   They are a lot of work though and I have classified them as advanced projects but they actually are easy to cut.  The hard part is the folding.

You will need:

Paper Selection

These two are actually cut from the same paper.   The paper must be two sided so that the contrast in color is featured.  But just as I said before  white is a color too.  Origami paper works nicely for all incire work and has some nice contrasting colors and patterns.  The thickness of the paper isn’t an issue just the colors.

Cutting the Card

Cutting the paper is the easy part of this project.  But with all the intricate cuts be sure that the paper cuts all the way through.  I generally cut the project twice by hitting the C button on the machine before unloading the mat.  It is frustrating not to have the paper cut properly when you are folding.  And the paper tears easily if you tug.

Assembling your Incire Flowers

Before you start, you need to choose which color is the primary color (the one on top).  This may determine whether the piece is busy with the pattern on top or more subtle.  This also usually determines light or dark.  Try the piece either way for two or three folds and see which you like better.

These projects don’t have score lines because they would be so small.  The paper folds easily though.  First put the primary side facing up.  Then fold all the little tabs straight up, like this:


Then you should start tucking on the outermost part of incire flower 2 and work inward.  With incire flower 1 start tucking anywhere. Tuck the raised pieces in the opposite way they were cut so that the back color shows.  Each tab is tucked beneath the part next to it.  Don’t worry if you tuck it in wrong, just un-tuck back to where the error is and try again.  Nothing at this point is glued and comes undone with just a gentle pull.

Finishing Up your Incire Flowers

Once everything is tucked in, you will have one tab left at the end of each row of flower 2.  Just glue it down continuing the pattern with liquid glue.  With flower 1 all the tabs will be tucked in.  The ring of Cs on flower 2 are not tucked.  The finished flowers can then be glued to a base piece or a scrapbook page. 

And your Incire Flower Embellishment are done!

I hope you enjoyed this Incire Flowers project.  Next we will be making a napkin fold card which is quite detailed and  has dozens of folds.

Napkin Fold incire Card Open

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