Using Both Sheets and Pens for Infusible Ink

I got a question yesterday. Can you use both Infusible Ink Pens and Sheets in the same project?  First you need to read the basics of Infusible Ink here.

Infusible Ink Valentines Project Using both Sheets and Pens

You also need to read the tutorial on using infusible ink pens here, and on using infusible ink sheets here.  Once you have all that down, you can start on this project.

What you need:
Blanks and Special Equipment for Using both Sheets and Pens

For infusible ink to work on fabric, there must be polyester. There is more info on blanks on the Infusible Ink basic tutorial.

Beside the sheets or markers, you will need a heat source.  It needs to heat to 385 – 400 degrees F.  I have an EasyPress but you can use any heat press that gets hot enough.  The settings are at the Cricut Heat Settings page.  Bookmark it because you will use it all the time.

Cutting the Design Using Both Sheets and Pens Infusible Ink
The drawing for the pens is drawn on copy paper.  The heart is cut from an infusible ink sheet.  You want to use the drawing as soon as you can, so that the ink doesn’t soak into the paper too much.  The sheet can be put on later if you want.
Assembling the Project Using Both Sheets and Pens
I put the drawing on first.  This order makes centering the sheet design easier.  Press using the proper heat settings for your material.  Next, remove the copy paper.
Then center the heart on your design.  You can tape it down with a small piece of painters tape, but try not to cover any part of the drawing.  I’m not sure if that is important, but I didn’t want to risk it.  Be sure to cover the whole design with parchment paper before doing the second pressing.  Repeat the pressing using the proper heat settings.  These should be the same for both  sheets and pens.  Remove all the paper and enjoy your work.  You should throw away the parchment paper and not reuse it.

And your project using both sheets and pens is done!  Enjoy!

Facts About Choosing a Heat Presses
  • There are several types:  Clam, Swing, Drawer, or the EasyPress
  • Some heat to different heat ranges.  Make sure you get what you need.  If doing HTV you don’t need the temp range of Infusible Ink or sublimation.
  • Some have attachments to do hats, mugs, plates etc.
  • Even pressure is important when it comes to heat presses.  If your heat press doesn’t have a platform (like the EasyPress), you need a solid surface to work on, not an ironing board.  (See my mistakes on the marker tutorial)
  • They are expensive so decide what you need first, like how big are your projects? Do you want to work on hats or mugs?  Get one as big as your biggest project and does everything you want.

2 thoughts on “Using Both Sheets and Pens for Infusible Ink

  1. Is there anyway that you can use the infusible marker to print a pattern onto an infusible ink sheet and then use it on your project???

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