Valentine Photo Props: Fun For Your Party

Photo Props are all the rage! These Valentine photo props will make any party fun and are easy to make. And I found a use for the straws I got cheap!

I got the straws cheap at Hobby Lobby (about 100 of them) and have been looking for a project to use them on.  They work great!

What you will need
Paper Selection For the Valentine Photo Props

I love the versatility of these props and that you can make your own Valentine photo props.  I used purple and pink but you can change the colors to whatever you want.  Because you are going to attach a stick, use at least 100 lb paper for the base.  Glitter or foil paper would add extra bling.  You can use any paper you want!  I saved all the cut out little hearts and put them randomly on the designs.

Cutting the Valentine Photo Props

These props are easy to cut.  Be careful pulling the thin parts (especially the moustache) off the mat.  They tear easily.

When using the SVG file, be sure to read and follow the sizing directions in the instruction document or your project will be too big.  This is a glitch in Design Space and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

You can combine mats if you want.  I really recommend it to save paper.  To see how watch my video.

Play Video
Assembly of the Valentine Photo Props

Separate all the embellishment pieces for each prop so that you can keep them straight.  Each prop is multiple layers.    Assemble the props.  Liquid glue works best here because they are awfully small parts.  I used the spare hearts that were cut out randomly at decorations.  Follow the pictures if you have any questions.

The hardest is the mask.  The layers go (from the bottom) white, pink, purple then red.  All the parts are centered except the red.  the points on the red pieces match u[ with the bottom points of the mask.

Attach the paper straws (plastic straws work too) by putting the glue on the straw and get at least an inch of the straw glued to the prop, more if possible.  But be sure to leave enough hanging off to hold the prop.

Make Your Own Photo Booth
  1.  Set up an area specifically for your photo booth.  You don’t want stray people walking through the pictures.  But the simpler the better.  It encourages imagination.
  2. Create your photo background.  Balloons or flowers work great or just a blank wall.
  3. Put a little table off to the side for the props.  Some necklaces work well too.
  4.  Everyone has a camera on their phone.  And everyone knows how to take a selfie but a selfie stick might be helpful.
  5.  Encourage everyone to share the photos to a webpage or Facebook page.

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