Valentines Accordian Card

I made this card for Ken. I wanted to see if there was a limit to how many panels I could put in one card. There isn’t really. Although finding an envelope was difficult because it is so thick when I fold it. But I fixed that by making one. I will post the tutorial on how to make the 3D envelope soon.

Download the pattern here

What You Will Need:

  • Heavy cardstock for the base (pink, 4 sheets and blue, 2 sheets)
  • Medium cardstock for the embellishments (dark and medium pink)
  • Metallic cardstock (gold, 2 sheets and pink)
  • liquid glue
  • tape glue (optional)

Start by cutting out all the pieces. I cut an extra copy of the heart borders because they are difficult to get up without tearing them. To make your own names in the back, use the extra hearts on the bottom of the file and slice them out using Modern Stencil Font (get it here).

Glue all the embellishments together and the light pink to the base before you assemble the accordion pieces. I used some of the little gold hearts from the border as added embellishments. Leave the left edge free of the overlays so you can fit the tabs underneath. You can use tape glue for this if you want.

Crease the score lines on the tabs one more time to make them crisp. Don’t forget the small fold lines on the center hearts. Glue the tabs under the pink overlays so they are hidden and glue the overlays to the tabs. Use liquid glue for this. Let them dry flat overnight. All six sections should form one long piece now.

After the glue is dry fold the pieces like an accordion and stand them up. Glue the tabs on the center hearts under the overlays alternating between in front and behind the main card. Let them dry. Fold the card with the joints in front going forward and the joints in back going back.


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