Make This Waterfall Pride Month Butterfly Card

This Waterfall Pride Month card is a beautiful example of a modified waterfall design.  That means that you can flip through parts of the card by pulling the little tab.  But in this card, instead of using squares, I used a rainbow of butterflies.

This is similar to the retirement waterfall card I made a while ago.  Waterfall cards are difficult to make until you get the hang of it, that is why this is an advanced level project.  But I will walk you through it.  The card does fit into an A7 envelope for mailing.

You will need:
        • Heavy  cardstock for the base 
        •  Rainbow of scraps of cardstock
        • Pens
        • Glue
        • Download File

Paper Selection

The base card of this Waterfall Pride Month Butterfly Card does have to be two sided.  You can use patterned paper for any part but don’t use too many.  That would get confusing.  Do keep the rainbow colors of the rainbow to stick with the Pride Month theme.  Some of the colors of the butterflies are used in the rest of the embellishments of the card.

Cutting the Waterfall Pride Month Butterfly Card

Cut the card out and the Cricut will do the writing.  I several colors of Cricut pens.  The card uses my own font called CMV Zig Zag.  You can find out more about my fonts here.  The colors I used were red, green and purple for the word FLY and blue for all the rest of the text.

Some of the parts are thin so be careful removing them from the mat.

I cut up to four colors on one mat because the embellishments are small.  If you need to know how to do this, watch my video on moving things around the mats.

Play Video
Assembling the Pride Month Butterfly Card

As a suggestion, read all the instructions completely before you try to assemble the card.

First re crease all the folds.  Assemble the front overlay of the card and attach it to the front of the card.  Then assemble the front inside overlay and attach it to the left side of the inside of the card.

The waterfall is assembled by first gluing the small light blue rectangle to the inside of the base card at the ends only.  Be sure to leave enough space in the middle for the long tab to fit through.

Next fold the long light blue piece in an accordion at the score lines.  Glue the purple butterfly to the lowest section and even with the first score line.  When attaching the butterflies, make sure the top of the butterfly is even with the crease in the pull tab.  Do not go above that or the waterfall won’t work.  Then glue the blue butterfly to the next section of the long piece.  Only put glue on the small section of the long tab.  I used squares to show you how the slider piece is assembled.  See the pictures below:

When all the butterflies are attached, fold the long tab over and slide it through the gap between the card and the small rectangle.  Glue the back of the purple butterfly to the little rectangle on the card. 

When you pull the tab the pieces should flip over one at a time.  You may want to assemble the working parts first to make sure it works properly before attaching the cut out butterflies on top of the solid butterflies.  if you have any questions, email me and I will try to walk you through it.

And the Waterfall Pride Month Butterfly Card is done!  Enjoy.

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